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  • Fantastic to see an article on this topic that actually teaches people about the importance of bike fit and that there is no ‘wonder saddle’ that is perfect for everyone, male or female. Thank you

    • Kellycbullis3

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  • Eden Walker

    Saddles are an odd one and i have a few different ones that i swap out. I have a sportive saddle, a TT snub nose saddle and my general day saddle. All of them i was measured for, all of them are from Specialized using their RFE thing and they’re all really great for the jobs that they do.

  • Karl

    There’s a well written (rather explicit) survey of the issues at http://lovelybike.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/on-female-anatomy-and-bicycle-saddles.html
    (Updated June 2016)


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