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  • Andy B

    Very cool, forks look very wideset, looks fast

    • Francesjelder4

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  • David Bonnett

    Thanks for the track coverage – great to see what the builders are up to.

  • Matt

    Good thing they finally redesigned the snapping stem issue of the older Pista and TT models. Couple of extra strut supports may fix the issue.

    I was mighty impressed when the stem on mine snapped going 50km/hr+ and almost killing me. Hopefully the NZ team survive. Good luck boys!


    • jules

      what’s actually snapped there? I own one of those!

      • Matt

        Stem clamp fractured into three pieces. Scary thing was the entire bike was only 3 weeks old and bolts were torqued correctly using an expensive torque wrench. It was a sudden and catastrophic failure.

        The entire bike was actually subject to a national recall in Australia due to problems with the stem clamp failing suddenly resulting in loss of control https://productsafety.gov.au/recall/sheppard-industries-australia-ltd-avanti-chrono-bicycle. However I bought mine 1+ years after the recall and was assured at time of purchase it had been fixed / replaced.

        So either I was sold a defective recalled product (against the law) or the new replacement product still had problems (in which case it should be recalled again).

        I bought all this to the attention of the CEO of Avanti (Steve Paraskevas) who has done nothing about rectifying this issue – I have not seen a 2nd recall of this bike. I hope no one ever gets seriously injured or killed riding these bikes. Best of luck Jules!

  • Nice work Avanti the bikes look very cool…and fast!

  • winkybiker

    Avanti Bikes were always just budget bikes from noo’ziland when I was riding in ‘straya in the 80s and 90s. We just didn’t rate them. The kiwi Malvern Star.

    • Chris Andrews

      These things come and go – just look at Raleigh…

    • Dave

      These days they are budget bikes imported into noo’ziland.

  • Dave

    If the UCI rules on equipment availability are applied properly and the according adjustments made to the Rio results, these could be gold medal bikes in nine months time.


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