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  • MattHurst

    Great review, thankyou, I hope Porte is ok

    • Nitro

      +1 Flat at the wrong time in the Tour, and then a crash in the Olympics – Thats gotta be tough to take…

      • Tinaabanks4

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    • Paulampastore3

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  • jakub

    It was a thrilling race, well deserved for GvA. I’d say that much of the excitement was thanks to banned radios. UCI should seriously consider doing that for all races, perhaps apart from the neutral race radio.

    • Nitro

      “Hard to un-invent technology” was Brian Cookson’s statement – and I agree with him.

      Ban radios and riders will get information through their Garmins…. Ban them and they’ll all be using Google Glass or equivalent…

      Personally think that avoiding the arms race / calling a spade a spade and allowing radios on the Pro Tour is ok…

      Pretty sure that radios didn’t play a role in the excitement of Froome’s crazy-descending- on-the-top-tube, the crazy crosswind action, or the chaos of Mont Ventoux.

      • MP

        No radios, no Garmins, smaller teams. Make it happen UCI.

      • Saeba R.

        Hard to un-invent technology” was Brian Cookson’s statement – and I also agree with him.

        Let’s make hidden motors race legal :)

        • Dave

          There are still issues with that though.

          The crashes of the Iranian rider, Porte and Nibali all looked like stuck throttles.

      • Dave

        That’s just because Cookson’s a muppet who has no capacity to lead the sport. Nobody cares about anything he says these days, he’s just pissing in the wind.

        Of course two way radios can be banned. It worked at the Olympics and will work at the World Championships.

        Of course the computer on the handlebars can be restricted to a homologated device (perhaps incorporating a GPS tracker and service request button for safety) and the power meters stuffed under the saddle like they are in track races. They could even be completely unbranded devices that team sponsors like Garmin or whoever could put their sticker on.

        Of course the riders can be banned from using other electronic aids.

        • ebbe

          Spot on Dave!

          CX is starting with one-way communication this upcoming season: A rider can notify his pits crew that he’s coming in, even which tires and pressure he wants. I’d say that improves safety for all. But the pits crew or coach can not help a rider with tactics or time gaps over the radio. Because that spoils the excitement of racing.

          That’s not so complex to understand. And nobody needed to un-invent any technology. They only need to specify what the technology is allowed to do and what not, as is the case with about any other piece of equipment in cycling.

    • ebbe

      Or only allow one-way communication: Riders can ask for wheels/bottles/gels/etc over the radio (for safety), but DS’es can not shout back target-Watts, tactics, and time-gaps (for excitement).

      Having significantly smaller teams also helps. 6 man teams should be enough (for larger stage races such as grand tours there could be 2 substitutes riders, the same as in most sports). Now that we’ve got a load of new WT events, smaller teams would make perfect sense.

  • James_Casper

    Already shaping up as a fantastic road race this. Bit of everything, dramatic, beautiful, downright scary course. Take a bow Rio

    Take note race organisers. Let’s ensure all races have an element of scariness in them.

    Let’s have ourselves some carnage.

    • Dave

      Very interesting to very few of the crashes happened on the first lap of either circuit, when not knowing the course would have been a plausible explanation.

      The crashes were all caused by the riders pushing their limits. This in itself was an excellent rebuttal to the annoyingly vocal minority who think the Olympic Road Race is unimportant or not contested seriously.

  • Dave

    Well done GVA, a most worthy champion.

    I wonder what Peter Sagan would be thinking after seeing GVA get the big win?

    An excellent race all round, and a great comeback for the event after London gave us a boring course and a poor result.

    • Bex

      i had that exact thought when GVA took the win. Sagan must be kicking himself for not at least trying. A technical descent would’ve suited him perfectly and the fact that his main classics rival got the win…

      • Dave

        With this and his great run at the Tour de France, hopefully it opens the floodgates for him just like what happened this year following Sagan’s win at the world championship.

        Not bad for a season that started out with a broken collarbone in the Tour of Flanders!

  • Berne Shaw

    sceptical????? You mean he was skeptical!!!!

  • Robert Merkel

    Thank you, Channel 7. No highlights or replay available on online (even if you pay).

    • jms

      The replay is available in their app (all 7 hours) and it was streamed live

      • Tim David

        The app failed completely last night, At 80km to go, there was no coverage.

        The Australian mainstream media like to knock a host naition’s efforts to get the games ready, but they cant even get an app working to show the games themselves. Useless.

        • Dave

          You need to buy the premium upgrade to be able to select feeds other than what is on their three TV channels at the time.

      • Dave

        And it was bloody good coverage too.

        The 7 Olympic app needs a few kinks ironed out to bring it up to the level of the Cricket Australia app with the $29.95 season pass, but it certainly beats the old days of analogue TV with the producer selecting a single feed at a time.

        I’d like to see SBS follow suit next year with their cycling coverage, give us a premium app with a $29.95 season pass and keep the basic Tour Tracker version for free.

      • Robert Merkel

        Found it, finally.

        The interface to that app is…remarkably poor.

        • Dave

          I think it’s pretty good for what it offers, but they could have improved the user experience (i.e. paid the developer more) if they selected a price point around the same $29.95 that the premium subscription of the Cricket Australia Live app costs for a season pass.

          Cricket Australia Live with a premium subscription doesn’t offer as much content that’s not on the 9 and 10 TV coverage, but the user experience is far better.

  • exemplary1

    “Big paradox. Most prestigous race of The year and most amateur-like surroundings. New bikes, no radios, shared teamcars #olympicsrr #Rio2016 Michael Rasmussen” A deep thinker that Rasmussen, deep thinker.

  • Jason

    Does anyone have a link to watch highlights online? I set the IQ to record 7 but they switched to 7mate before vista chinesa!!!!

    • De Mac

      WHAT????? I’m about 90Km to go – recorded on 7HD, are you saying I won’t get to see the end? Channel 7 is absolutely shithouse if that is the case…..

      • Dave

        Pull your head in, it’s not just a cycling event and they still gave us more than SBS do for the World Championship Road Race.

        You can watch a full replay on the 7 Olympic app.

        • James_Casper

          Well said Dave.

          We like to get offended / find fault so easily these days.

          • Dave

            Maybe De Mac and some of the others are simply too young to remember how bad the Olympics were in the analogue TV years. Even the year it was shared with SBS was not much of an improvement, because the old analogue SBS had an absolutely shithouse signal quality.

            To get just about the full race across two channels was a bit step forward for cycling. I don’t mind that it took a break while the Sevens team played, I just watched on the app in that time.

            I feel sorry for the friends and family of our Men’s Archery Team, they won a bronze medal on the first day and didn’t get a second of live coverage.

        • De Mac

          So what – you work for Channel 7 do you???

          • Dave

            Heck no!

            I’m just old enough to remember analogue TV when Seven only had one channel.

            Face the facts – we got a pretty good deal compared to what it could have been, and a total amount of air time greater than what the self-proclaimed home of cycling will give us at the world championships.

            Be thankful you’re not a fan of one of the other sports which had to make way for the cycling.

      • James_Casper


        You’ve watched 90km of a race, and you’ve gone onto CT to not only find out who won, but what happens.

        Can I ask why?????????

        Next thing you’ll be complaining to CT for not having a spoiler alert on the top of every race review.

        • De Mac

          Because some of us have things to do during the day my friend…. I knew the result at 7am this morning, having checked prior to going out to my local race – doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy the Olympic road race later on in the day – when time permits.

    • Dave

      You can watch a full replay on the 7 Olympic app.

    • Michele Graham

      Same thing happened to me. I was livid. They could have said something prior. I stayed awake as long as I could the went to bed for a few hours & coaught the final 3kms but missed the in-between.
      You can watch the full replay only if you pay extra on the app.

  • Hyun-ji Song

    Can’t help but wonder if Sagan made the right decision.

    • James_Casper

      Agree, but only Sagan can truly answer that one. Be interesting to get his thoughts post Olympics.

  • Patrick Murphy

    2 things I’d like to say, thank you GVA (33/1 winner) and when is the UCI going to make this course a world tour event?

    • Dave

      Unlikely, but it would certainly be better than the boring SnoozeLondon course.

    • Hopefully they do a little more to make the Vista Chinesa descent safer before then.

      • Patrick Murphy

        I’d agreed with that, no reason why they couldn’t.

  • Dave

    Have to say a big well done to Scott Bowden and Simon Clarke.

    Bowden did way more than just make up the numbers, rescuing Porte from a dropped chain twice on the Grumari circuit.

    Clarke probably did a better job than Gerrans could have done on that course, not bad for a last minute replacement.

    • Kieran Degan

      Clarke is a fighter. His ride was reminiscent of the ’13 worlds when he came 6th (I think). Much underrated rider and true team player.

  • Luke Bartlett

    hard not to like GvA. He just rides hard.


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