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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
  • James Dunn

    Bicycles for the 21st Century… Di2 and EPS unavailable…

    Probably just “Biciclette Italiane per il XX Secolo”

    • Ha! I don’t think we’ve reached the point where we need to conduct a memorial service for gear cables.

      • Tinaabanks4

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      • Jay F.

        Exactly, the recent updates of both Campy and Shimano mechanical groupsets is testament to their ongoing relevance and the fact that there’s still a strong demand for them.

      • James Dunn

        To be fair, there’s a difference between “Can’t run mechanical” and “Can’t run electronic groupset”, and I reckon any legit 21st century bike should be able to run Di2 or EPS.

        • Jenniferehager

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    • Ed

      Di2 and EPS are dead long term, Wireless is the way to go… they’ll follow, it’s just a matter of time.

      This is a nice steel frame, but like so many other contemporaries, there’s not a lot to differentiate them other than aesthetics, shame…

      • Hamish Moffatt

        Wireless might be the answer but eTap?!

  • AMK3072

    Not seeing much to distinguish this from the pack to be honest.

    • misterhorsey

      It’s a $AUD4,000 bargain.

      That would distinguish it from other bargains!

      But I guess that’s cheap compared to an off the shelf colnago steel frameset.

      Thank god for taiwan i say!

  • Spider

    Very similar in thought and design to my Pegoretti…and he’s been making them like that for decades now!

    Suppose you could order one without cable guides and use eTap if you wanted to use steel in the 21st century

    • Andrea Cattolico

      Not so similar.
      In fact, you don’t seem to know that Doriano and Dario are actually good friends ;-)

  • Mayhem

    For a supposedly high-end steel frame it does seem quite heavy. My custom Stinner road frame weighed in at 1.6 kg and that is with a horizontal top tube and a full internal sleeve for the rear brake housing. Looks lovely though and the final build weight is more than reasonable, if one can afford Super Record and Boras of course…

  • Mark

    Italian threaded bottom bracket. Are these the ones that have right-hand threads both sides?

    • Spider

      The only problem I’ve had with mine….you can’t buy Chris King bearings for them…but they seem to work fine!

  • phil88
    • Paul O’Connell

      Had a Condor. They’re italian built as well. But complete over marketed dogs with absolutely horrific customer service. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  • Very mixed emotions for me after reading this – sadness that the DeRosa family seems to have splintered, especially when so many of the current DeRosa frames are Asian-made. Combine this with happiness that at least one of them is more interested in getting back to basics despite the fact this venture isn’t going to make anyone rich. But in the end I can’t help but wonder why this project couldn’t have been done exactly the same way, but with DeRosa on the downtube instead of a name that makes me think of digestive biscuits?

  • Ashok Captain

    Ummm . . . “Pergoretti’s Falz fork to finish off the frameset, a carbon fork that was specifically designed to complement steel frames. According to Pegoretti, the flat crown design is important for the compliance of the fork, while the legs offer enormous lateral stiffness.”
    Coolness; but the (‘pinched’? ) front fork ends look awful! : (

  • Wakatel Lu’um

    Lack of chainstay clearance and seatpost choice are deal breakers for me…regardless of weight I would rather have this than the plethora of plastic bikes in this already flooded market…

    • Spider

      easy solve, you just buy a sleeve and bring the seatpost down to 27.2mm and can use every brand. My Pegoretti has a VERY similar tubeset, including the seat tube of 29.4mm…first thing I bought was a plastic sleeve, cost about $6 weighs 3g

      • Wakatel Lu’um

        If I’m paying that much for a frame I’m not going to shim a seatpost…tyre clearance still a fail…

  • SNS

    Beautiful bike. I had the pleasure of chatting with Doriano and Martina at NAHBS this year. If I was in the market for a new bike this would be at the top of the list.


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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017