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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
  • Rusty Gramm

    Grandpa Horner will stop racing if teams stop giving him a contract.

    • glenny oc

      Grandpa at 45?

  • Mark James

    I dont think its hard to work out why sine LaVuelta he has been toxic property to most keys teams and events. Its just not said in public.

    • Dave

      Anyone who has seen him without a helmet on will know.

  • flx

    One small note: pseudomonas aeruginosa isn’t a virus, it’s a bacterium.

    On Horner himself: unbelievable how he managed to doge bans during his career.

    • Neal Rogers

      Ah, our mistake. Thanks!

  • Karsten Walker

    Considering how much money he makes and resources he has it’s insane that no medical professional has managed to cure his mystery ailments…

  • Peter Odegaard

    Disappointed this article didn’t address WTF is going on with those socks.

    • Janiceadavalos1

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    • ZigaK

      He has hot ankles. I have the same problem, wear that kind of socks all the time except when its freezing cold.

    • Sean

      He’d regain his form with some decent sock height.

  • Allez Rouleur

    This is a question I often ponder myself, so thanks for attempting to answer it!

    As for Horner, saying things like this isn’t going to win him any new fans, that’s for sure. Yikes!

    “No, I’m not taking anybody’s place, because nobody does what I do,”
    Horner said after the final stage of the Tour of Utah. “Nobody has the
    tactical skills like I have. I teach the young kids, I ride in the front
    group, I speak well with the press, as you know, so when someone says
    I’m taking someone’s job, they’re stupid. Nobody does my job. I’m one of
    the few that do it.”

  • Ted Danza

    Tons of people younger than him don’t get great results yet they are not a subject to an article. Hey, if he wants to race and a team wants him to race for them, have at it.

    • ZigaK

      I kind feel the author is on a personal vendetta of some kind.

  • david__g

    I don’t know, would I’d rather like it if he went away.

  • George Hayduke

    his arrogance and entitlement bothers me. sure, he won a great race with luck and cunning, but he’s not getting any faster and approaches teams as though he’s still a contender for a grand tour win–something only he’s convinced of.

    bemoaning the fact that he was passed over by every team in favor of riders half his age, who have actual prospects for future development, made him (in my mind) a washed-out, sorta-was-champion. he had the opportunity to bow out on the highest note of his career, instead he kept chasing the dragon, telling himself that he’s on par with Aru and Dumoulin, when he would likely be shelled by Atapuma.

    watching him cry and whine and refuse to see the reality of his situation has surpassed compassion and entered the realm of black comedy: fighting to persuade everyone–anyone–of his own fantasy.

    • George Hayduke

      apologies for my blunt assessment, but this soap opera is creeping through it’s third year now.

    • Matt DeMaere

      I kinda read his responses as a “bitter and inarticulate” combo, rather than genuinely being as entitled as he comes off when speaking.

  • weiwentg

    Ok, legs OK but lungs not OK could seriously be exercise-induced asthma. Not kidding here, happened to me before when I moved from the Midwestern US to Washington DC, which is a swamp and which has really bad allergy seasons. Bad enough that I wound up getting a rescue inhaler plus allergy shots. And no, I don’t abuse my rescue inhaler for performance enhancement. I take a shot or two before hard rides in spring or fall. It’s enough.

    But … Speaking of performance enhancement. Horner’s performance is also consistent with someone who was on the sauce now coming off the sauce. I presume we all know what “sauce” i am referring to. Remember the time after the Vuelta, everyone was skeptical, then he released his bio passport readings, and then some sports scientists said ok, what we are seeing is consistent with doping (not definitive, just consistent with doping). Then Horner pretended he couldn’t hear the Cyclingnews reporter. Yeah, could also be that.

    • Dave

      Did you read the article?

      It was stated that he claims to be suffering from a bacterial infection.

      • Zucco415

        Not good when your lungs are not working, and your hearing goes as well. Perhaps Horner only see’s and hears what he wants to.
        He is having a tough time letting go but it’s time.

    • Nomad

      On your second point, I think this is what you’re talking about:


  • Dude pedalling

    What’s the point of this article – if he wants to race and someone offers him a contract to do so what is the issue? Professional bicycle racer is what he has experience in doing, possibly the only job he knows. On another note has Horner ever tested positive?

    • James_Casper

      No. Did DZ? Michael Barry? Big George? …

  • George Darroch

    I’m no psych or career coach, but it looks like this is the only job he knows. He seems to be hanging on, well beyond what is useful to him.

  • Spartacus

    Excellent comedy Michael – Horner “won” La Vuelta – good job keeping a (semi) straight face on this one ;) It would have been good to weave in a few puns, maybe “after a glowing Vuelta win Horner seemed to be charging towards the future, but just after he was blooded as a 41 year old grand tour winner, the boost to his trajectory fail, and cold reality injected itself into the miracle”. Good times!

  • James_Casper

    Horner looked side-to-side with a confused look on his face

    If you were to ask Horner what the time is, he’d give you the exact same expression.

    • ZigaK

      He is a true comedy man :) Why would you ask Dombrovski that question? Oh, you mean me?

  • jjvc5

    Chris Horner is still racing for the most important of all reasons, he still wants to race. Quit while you are on top? What kind of thinking is that? I say ride as long as you enjoy it. Taking the spot of some young up and comer. What is that baloney? If someone wants his spot, then ride faster than him. I still resent Trek for not re-signing Horner after his Vuelta victory. He made top 20 in the TdF the following year, while recovering from one of the worst injuries of his career. He is an inspiration to me and definitely my favorite bicycle racer. I say keep on truckin’ Chris!

  • Douglas Macarthy

    i know i can t beat him up a hill or in a TT ,can you guys ,don t think so,,,,,This guy was a real pro,,,not a weekend pro .Keep racing mate

    • Nitro

      Interesting perspective, and one I often ponder…

      Whatever the background / facts / fiction – Everyone’s an armchair commentator…

      Even allowed to use every performance enhancing “trick” in the book, I think its a pretty sure thing that I’d never have been able to even make it to the finish line of a single Grand Tour Mountain Stage – never mind all of them…

  • P3N54

    I hear Zimmer make great frames….

  • Robert Eckerson

    Why? Because he can.


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017