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  • jules

    “Zabriskie is a product tester.. for the marijuana business.”

    pro bike racer, paid to get high.. what a charmed life! :)

  • Berne Shaw

    One just wishes they all would say hey look we were all frauds. We knew it was wrong it hurt people it was serious. We were greedy we liked the fame money and babes. No one made us do it except ourselves. And like Armstrong Landis really compounded the destruction by taking that money for his defense and by trying to humiliate Lemond in the nastiest of ways.

    He still uses rationalizations denial minimization and diversion. He is not accountable he has not made restitution paid fines nor served jail time. He has learned to skate into the fantasy world of weed.

    The real research on weed for moderate use as adults is benign. But for children and young adults up to 24 it is harmful in a number of serious and permanent ways to the developing brain. Does he care. It doesn’t seem to concern him.

    • jules

      I think you’ve got the wrong idea. he’s not selling bongs or weed for smoking up, but medical weed such as topical creams for localised pain relief.

      no, I’m not naive. but by distributing his products through regulated channels, the risk of harm that is present from shady dealers in pyjamas selling blocks of weed to teens from their triple deadlatched apartment is reduced.

      • Berne Shaw

        Jules your ideas have merit although he also talks about appealing to beginners with straight user products. I’m really addressing the same self serving narcissistic rationalizations he has always employed talking as if normalizing pot use for adults may likely lead to more use by adolescents and children which he conveniently ignores. It is a similar issue with zap nicotine having less carcinogens but evidence of users going on to deadly cigarettes and using unhealthy amounts of nicotine. Adolescent minds have not developed fully until 22-24 and the imuplse control and lack of brakes on openness to new risk taking makes them susceptible to products like fun easy to products like his. I only mention this as its really sad and frankly horrid that so many of these guys just never take real responsibility ever.

        • jules

          valium is legal in the same way as medical marijuana. it’s also highly addictive.

          marijuana is illegal (in most places) and not as addictive, or at all.

          remind me – which one is normalised among teens?

          maybe legalising doesn’t have the normalising effect you assume it would.

          • Berne Shaw

            Yes you are raising good points and real issues. There is room for us to agree actually. Thee issues are not simple as mr always rationalizing landis views most things that in his rationalizing self serving mind he sees fit to ignore. Hey if you hate yourself because you are consistently being self centered you get depressed. Hey let’s use dope to be the man and now pot to numb out and be euphoric. It’s allot mor fun than having integrity and accountability. I’m one who forgives people but I was raised that first you have to stop rationalizing understand the weight for ones actions and atone for real not this craptastic mind bending stuff

            • jules

              I’m not a conehead who believes smoking up is the answer to life. I don’t smoke at all. But Landis’ key purpose for using marijuana was medicinal – to treat hip pain. this is perfectly legitimate and cannot be substituted by atoning for doping sins of the past.

              as far as others who choose to take drugs for recreational purposes. just because I agree with you it doesn’t necessarily help you in the long run, doesn’t mean I think the answer is automatically to make it a crime. but this is not the forum for that type of philosophical debate!

        • jakub

          There is paramount of evidence that low/moderate cannabis use poses very little or virtually zero risks to health, especially if compared to already legal substances such as alcohol or tobacco. There are risks associated for heavy users with genetic predisposition for mental illness, but this risk is related to almost any psychoactive substance. The effects on brain you mentioned are not conclusive yet, there is some evidence that heavy cannabis use might cause shrinking of hippocamus, although believed to be reversible. This is already acknowledged by scientific community and also organizations such as OSN, who call for a change in policy to end war on drugs. There is also plenty of evidence that a change of legal regime from prohibition to decriminalization/legalization does not increase use in general population. All in all, rational arguments are rightly in favour of legalization.

    • bigdo

      agree with everything you state, sans the last paragraph..

      -sincerely a CO native

    • VO2min

      “He is not accountable…”

      Perhaps you haven’t followed the story closely enough. Floyd is legally bound, and fully in agreement, to be most certainly accountable.
      Read this. In its entirety.

      Two key points:
      “I made a promise several years ago to pay people back, and I’m happy that there’s a way to do that without any questions as to whether it gets done properly or not.”

      “If there is an irony to the proceedings, it’s that Landis and cycling insiders have indicated Armstrong advised him to launch the Floyd Fairness Fund and encouraged several wealthy associates to make large contributions. Now money from Armstrong could pay it back.”

    • John Murphy

      How naive, ignorant, or biased do you have to be to believe that everyone else wasn’t doping similarly?

      The only difference is they actually confessed to what they took, and unfortunately most people can’t handle the truth as is evident here. Lying and and avoidance like a snake means you’re still legit but admitting it makes you a fraud.

      It’s ironic how the most beloved cycling figures are the ones who still lie to your face. It’s disgusting down to the core.

  • Mark Blackwell

    I’d really like to know what happened on stage 17 of the 2006 TdF, but nobody seems to ask. We have the version from Floyd’s pre-admission book, essentially that he had trained for that type of sustained effort and had ready access to water from the team car on what was a hot day. We have the obvious but unsatisfying version that he was doped to the gills so no wonder he could ride so fast (testosterone is a recovery product and blood doping works more gradually)… but I’ve never heard an honest version from him. It’s not muck-raking, I’d just like to know the real story of what was an amazing day.

    • Elden Nelson

      I think you’re going to like part 2 — I paraphrased your question to him, giving you credit.

      • Mark Blackwell

        Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks!

  • John Murphy

    Marijuana is a highly effective pain killer with essentially no side effects for adults. He’s doing the world a favor by distributing it.

    The amount of people who’ve been able to quit it “cold turkey” (due to supply or lack of interest) is probably in the tens of millions.

    The side effects of conventional pharmacy painkillers are miserable, crushing and life destroying.

  • Andy

    Is Landis insinuating Bradley Wiggins is or was a doper?

    • Alex

      That seems to be a random shot at him. I think he just sees Wiggins as someone with a strong personality, associates that with Lance, and therefore dislikes Wiggins.

      • VO2min

        “Radom shot”? No. Wiggins came out quite publicly in his condemnation of Floyd after Landis confessed and told what has since been verified to have been the truth. Wiggins was a hypocrite and coward for attacking Floyd. It’s no surprise that Landis has no love for Bradley. The whole lot of them—and this includes Van de Velde—should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting Landis when the truth unraveled. Not only did they not support Floyd, they active sought to discredit him, even though the KNEW that what he was saying was true.

        How Liggett, Sherwen and Roll still are still employed by the networks is bewildering to me. They did everything in their powers to perpetuate the myth of Armstrong, and actively attacked his accusers. Now they won’t even mention Lance. They should’ve been shunned along with Armstrong.


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