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  • AMK3072

    Android app.

    waiting, waiting…

    • Lillyasmith2

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  • Andy B

    Any Photos of it mounted on a bike to get some idea of the size?

  • superdx

    I’ve had it for about 2 months and aside from rides in pitch dark (where it really can’t pick up anything) I am finding it indispensable. I use it with the light switched off so I can get the full 10 hours of battery.

    Video quality can be a bit grainy when compared to a GoPro, but the GoPro only lasts 1-1.5 hours. It’s a hassle to deal with swapping batteries on a long ride, and eventually you just forget. Lost a couple hours of footage on a cycling trip with a GoPro because I forgot about the battery. In terms of video details, it’s easier to pick out in the Fly12 footage.

    For mounting, you need a sturdy GoPro mount as the Fly12 is quite heavy. I’ve tried the plastic Garmin VIRB and BarFly SLI mount and resulted in extremely shaky footage that is very hard to watch. The included mount and K-Edge (which I am currently using) are perfect for video stabilisation.

    Disgruntled user knock – the Cycliq logo in the footage is not removable, it’s hardcoded into the video file. I get that they want to market the device but seriously, they should be paying me to use this device if I’m advertising the company. Imagine if GoPro put their logo on all of their user’s footage, the backlash would be overwhelming. Unfortunately given that Cycliq don’t really seem to care just means that the market for such an expensive video cam is still quite limited.

    Overall a good device, would recommend it if you can shell out the money.

    • claude cat

      Ditto. I have it mounted on a k-edge XL and works quite nicely. I tried the Garmin mount and the plastic broke very quickly (fortunately a free replacement from k-edge) – so it’s the universal gopro mount instead.

      • CapeHorn

        My included cycliq mount stripped on first install
        My KEdge combo mount works quite nicely.

  • simon saunders

    I would agree with the previous comments. It’s a solid camera and light combination. The footage is good and the light bright enough. Great battery life from full charge. The biggest downside is the shape , for me this means it would not fit on a Garmin/Go-pro out front combo mount, meaning an additional mount needed to be bought. This mount NEEDS to be robust, managed to break 2 plastic mounts. It’s great for commuter protection, but it feels heavy on the front end when riding in a more race/group setting.

    • AMK3072

      Had similar issues when installed on a k Edge XL combo mount. too much interference with cables and access to on/off was too fiddly. solution = bought a knock off out the front, go pro mount off ebay. Works well.

  • Chris

    I have an original Fly6, which I bought through the company’s Kickstarter program. The battery died after light use, and it appeared from the company’s message board that it was a common problem. The company didn’t offer to replace my unit, and told me that they’d only give me a discount on a new unit. I would not buy another product from this company. I’d do some serious due diligence before purchasing.

    • AMK3072

      I too have an original Fly6. Was pretty annoyed at the time that the 2nd generation came out so soon after the kickstarter campaign.

      Well out of warranty now and I thinking of replacing the battery myself. It shouldn’t be that tricky. Just need to source a replacement.

      • Chris

        Nice to know that others have had a similar experience.

        • claude cat

          My original kickstarter fly6, with pretty much daily use is down to 2 hours in winter (much better in summer) – I will do the battery replacement soon. I subsequently got the production fly6 – battery failed completely after 4 months – they replaced for free. 3rd fly6 still gets 6 hours or so and going strong – generally saved up for longer weekend rides only, though.

    • Wily_Quixote

      They still need to comply with standard consumer protection laws – if the item is not fit for purpose they need to replace it.

  • Andrew Hagen

    Hi guys – thanks for the supportive messages along with the constructive suggestions. We do take on board all of these comments and add them to our product development process. You can see the progress we have made from Fly6 to Fly12. Fly6 customers were asking us for longer battery life, higher resolution, more versatile mounting solutions, resolution options, ability to auto sync the time & date stamp and more…hopefully we have delivered on those features and some!

    I would like to address some of the comments below:

    The Android app is being worked on extensively and is very, very close to being ready for a beta launch. We have actually been working on this now for over 10 months. It has been so much harder to implement all the features than it has been for iOS version. This is not an excuse but more of a reality – Android behaves differently to iOS…particularly when it comes to addressing the features (video editing, Strava metrics, etc) we want you to have. Half of our staff are Android users so we are acutely aware of how important it is for our Android customers and we are doing all we can to finish it enough so that its important functions work properly. Our feedback from our Android customers is that they would rather wait a little longer and get it working properly than to have a half finished version. Please bear with us while we finish it off for you?

    Mounting options. There are a couple of comments below that mention a ‘Garmin’ mount. Fly12 does not come with a Garmin mount….it comes with a 31.8mm aluminium handlebar mount which as the review points out, is rock solid, will not strip and cannot break under normal use. In addition, this mount will provide you with very steady footage! The comments may have been referring to the tripod mount adaptor…this is not designed to be used with anything other than a tripod!

    Timestamp and Logo: Playing in the shadow of the most popular action camera in the world is not easy. While our footage is full HD and awesome, it is often mistaken as taken from another camera. When people comment on that footage, all credit goes to the other brand and so people don’t gain the awareness that it is our products that are delivering the content. This was one of the reasons for having it there originally. We also want to be associated with the great cycling footage and to date have captured some of the most amazing things seen from a bike….this is great to build awareness. One of the other reasons and probably most importantly, is our mission to get motorist aware that us cyclists are not sporting great cameras that capture our whole ride. This brand association is important for us and important to help deliver our message that we want motorists to know we could be sporting a camera so they behave themselves. Contrary to the comment below, we actually to care…deeply and delivering on our mission is very important to us both as a business as well on personal levels.

    Original Fly6 (from Kickstarter): These products were made and delivered well over two years ago and are out of warranty. We offer an upgrade deal for a better price to our new products for those customers which is not an obligation but something we offer because we care about our customers. If those customers feel that the offer of a gift voucher in the case of a out of warranty item is something that would make them not deal with us, then perhaps we are going about this wrong? I know Chris has expressed the same comment on other forums and forgot to mention that we have addressed his issue promptly and in our usual friendly manner, tried to help him and when we couldn’t, offered him a voucher. We do care deeply about our customers and try to help them where we can and in most cases this goes well beyond our statutory requirements. Yes, we are a young Australian company but we feel we are punching well above our weight and plan to continue to serve our customers as best we can. If the unit does not do what is on the box, we will fix or replace it….even out of warranty we still will render assistance…we are here for the long term and any other treatment of our customers would not be acceptable. We have a friendly and responsive support team who are there to help you – cycliq.com

    As I said at the start, your comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions are well received. We need to hear them to help us grow both as a business and in our product offerings.

    Ride Safe!

    • Jason Hurdlow

      Regarding the burning of your logo and time on the video: While I understand why you feel strongly that you need to do this, in the end you are wrong to force this on your users. You’ve effectively made the device useless for any sort of actual video production. No one’s going to now edit together any sort of real video and list “shot on Cycliq Fly 12” in the credits, because no serious video crew would touch your device with a ten-foot pole with it having the forced burn-in. If you don’t want to expose a way to turn it off in the companion mobile software, fine. But you need to at least make it possible by editing the config file or something of that nature. Without being able to turn it off, it definitely gets crossed off my interest list.

      • SilverFox

        Completely agree with you.

        I’ve gone back to my GoPro. The battery is replaceable which really helps and no hassles with reliability also.

      • SilverFox

        Completely agree with you.

        I’ve gone back to my GoPro. The battery is replaceable which really helps and no hassles with reliability also.

      • superdx

        I’ll agree with the statement that Cycliq have made the incorrect decision by forcing the marketing on the users. GoPro users love their device despite all of its multiple and many flaws. They are motivated to include all kinds of GoPro logo and branding in their own videos and GoPro has spent not a dollar on this kind of behaviour.

        Fly12 is a great device, with time, I’m sure economies of scale will bring down the cost. But you should have loved your users first, and trusted them to help you market your device, they would have happily included your logos in credits and responded to YouTube comments about the Fly12.

        No doubt these kinds of discussions and threads, which are searchable by any user looking for information in a buying decision, will take this negatively, no matter hard you try to spin it.

        Give it a try, trust your users. Kickstarter backers are your die hard fans. Take care of them. Even if they are “out of warranty” you really aren’t a giant multinational company that can rely on fine print to hound your users into silence (has that ever worked?). Keep note that if you piss off your die hard fans, they become your internet worst trolls. All the time in the world to badmouth your company and products. That’s worth a couple replacement batteries no doubt.

    • claude cat

      Many thanks Andrew – very happy with your service – had a (gen2) faulty fly6 replaced, no questions asked. My older(kickstarter) fly6 is showing it’s age, but that’s expected given it’s age and amount of use. The fly12 is going great too!.
      Wishing you success with both products!

    • claude cat

      Many thanks Andrew – very happy with your service – had a (gen2) faulty fly6 replaced, no questions asked. My older(kickstarter) fly6 is showing it’s age, but that’s expected given it’s age and amount of use. The fly12 is going great too!.
      Wishing you success with both products!

    • Arfy

      Hi Andrew, I’m probably getting on this thread late but I have a couple of suggestions and feedback for Fly12:
      * The LED indicator can’t be seen when mounting Fly12 under the bars, in fact I’d forgotten it even had one as I never see it. A better location would be at the rear of the unit, then it doesn’t matter which way up it is.
      * The On/Off and WiFi buttons are really hard to see even in daylight (my unit’s mounted under the bars). Perhaps inbuilt LED buttons could be used, if you combine the On/Off button with the LED indicator in-built you’d solve both problems.
      * The light overexposes number plates even in the middle of the day. I had an incident with a driver but couldn’t make out the number plate due to the high reflectivity of the light. I always use the flashing mode during the day, it makes me much more visible. Maybe a mode which changes exposure level when the light is on? Or some kind of polarised filter – one making the light output polarised in one plane, and the other making the camera input polarised in another plane.
      * The mount you supply for Fly12 is excellent, I’ve had no issues with it at all. The Fly6 mount was a disaster, mine came off a couple of times on rough roads until it broke itself and I wasn’t happy that Customer Service wouldn’t help (?!) I’d recommend you change the Fly6 mount to a permanent-mount option like Fly12.
      * As previously mentioned number plate recognition is crucial but Fly12 comes up a bit short. Can Cycliq provide an app, or recommend one, that helps with number plate recognition, similar to what traffic cameras use?

      • Andrew Hagen

        Hi Arfy – thanks for your feedback. The best place for feedback or suggestions is via our website however can address your queries here.
        * Adding LED indicators to the other side of the unit is going to add bulk & weight to Fly12 so we didn’t go for this as an option when designing it (although we certainly looked at is as an option). The audio alerts are meant to supplement your understanding of what is going on (and they don’t take up any extra room!). Often people mount Fly12 under their computer which would block the view of any LED on the bottom of the unit anyway.
        * Again, adding anything to the unit leads to more bulk and in the case of lights at the back of Fly12 could increase the length of the unit. In addition, many people use a mount that locates the computer on top and Fly12 underneath which would place the buttons almost directly behind the front stem which would make them hard to see as well. The thing with both of these points is that there is no ideal place for the buttons or the LED. We try and place these things where we feel they will work best for everyone, have it tested, make a call and then manufacture it…this process, with Fly12, took the best part of two years so the decision on where these things go was made quite some time ago. The good news is that we take these comments on board when designing our future products!
        * Exposure is such a balancing act because there are so many factors to consider. We are always looking at ways we can improve the video outcome for our customers and have to consider, exposure, frame rates, video size, bitrate, resolution and processing power…these are all software based challenges which we are looking at improving. The filter, sounds to me like a hardware issue which take much longer, are not retrospective and can create the need for a second product which is not an ideal outcome. Again, with all that said, we constantly work on our firmware and have got some good ideas on how we can improve the video outcome for everyone. Your suggestions are added to our backlog!
        * Glad you like our Fly12 mount! With respect, I cannot believe our customer service could not help you. We have an amazing team of support staff and they get the most amazing feedback from our customers. We stand by our products and make sure our customers get what they paid for. Can I get you to send an email to [email protected] and ask for me and I will look into your support ticket and make sure it is addressed?
        * We don’t have any software to do that and I don’t know of any specific solutions there either. We do find that different software and different hardware (computers) can have a dramatic effect on how clear details are in the footage. We also encourage customers to share the original footage with us and we can have a look at it for you to see if we can identify the detail for you. It’s also hard to compare what a stationary, powered camera designed for a specific purpose can do with what an ultra portable camera that has multiple use cases.

        Thanks again for your comments and feedback. I look forward to hearing from you on your support ticket.

    • Kyle

      I am fine with the burned-in logo. I will be purchasing the Fly12 to be used solely for protection in the unfortunate event that I am involved in an accident. Cycliq products are purpose-built to be used in this manner and as of right now appear to be the best option in a VERY limited pool of products offering similar features (incident protection, tram lines, long battery life, etc). Cycliq’s mission to make drivers think that any light on a bike could also be a camera is great and I am behind that 100%. If I do ever get hit by a car and I post the footage to YouTube and another cyclist notices the watermark… well then I just helped someone else protect themselves. If I was a “professional” videographer I’d just buy a GoPro.

      THAT BEING SAID, it *would* be nice to have an option to disable the watermark in the app if you wanted (it’s ok it’s turned on by default).

      Andrew, your intelligent and quick responses on all forms of social media is part of what convinced me to buy the Fly12. I considered Rideye but I’ve heard many complaints that their support is terrible.

      • Andrew Hagen

        Thanks Kyle – I’m glad to be able to respond to posts like this however it might be a luxury I don’t have moving forward. We are proposing to list our business on the Australian Stock Exchange soon when my role will become quite busy and I may not have time to jump on all the forums in the future!

        Your comment on the Watermark is noted and something the team is aware of. It’s not on the urgent list but something again, on the backlog to go through.

  • SilverFox

    I’ve also seen a lot of problems with cycliq products, particularly the fly6. Lithium ion batteries don’t reduce capacity from 6hrs running to 2hrs in 6 months. Normally, a lithium ion battery drops to about 70% capacity after 300 cycles (full charges). The fact is that they are very cheaply built with poor quality components. They probably cost nothing to make and it shows.

    I think it’s about time their products did the talking!

  • Rob

    FWIW I have both the Fly12 and Fly6 (2nd Gen). The Fly12 has been working well, used daily for my commutes to and from work. The unit is bulkier than your regular light or camera but nothing a good mount can’t overcome. I use an alloy outfront Garmin/Gopro mount which works well with it mounted on the underside. I too am waiting patiently for the Android app but still use the camera daily with no hassles.

    The Fly6 did experience battery issues after about 1 year, but to Cycliqs credit they did fully replace the unit for me. No issues since. I found the customer service easy to deal with – you have to understand that they need to give you the standard set of canned fixes (eg. Format card, reset device) in order to weed out all the people that don’t have a bigger issue. One small bugbear was the Fly6 straps snapping every 6mths, but I paid for an extra set so have plenty spare.

    Id have no problems with purchasing from them again.

    In reality, the costs of the cameras+lights is easily offset by the amount of lawyer fees you wouldve had to pay to sort out a simple “he said/she said” accident. If you have a camera it makes it much more clean cut to sort out.

  • brucegr

    The Fly 6 battery, which is not replaceable, begins to die within 12 months of daily commuter use, such that it only records for 1-1.5 hours.
    That makes the unit a $250 throwaway after a year.
    I presume the Fly 12 will have the same problem.
    It simply isn’t acceptable.

    • AMK3072

      I’m not convinced it isn’t replaceable with a small amount of know how and sourcing a suitable battery.


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