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  • EB Cycling

    The most important feature of this race is the length. A ~30km time trial is far longer than most in stage races even at pro womens level. The climbing and cornering = minor detail.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      In recent years, we have seen longer courses at big international events. The Richmond world championship course was also 30km, the year before it was 29km. The 2012 London TT course was also 29km

  • winkybiker

    Why was the cheating druggie who “came second” allowed to ride at all? I’m disgusted. Lifetime bans is the only path forward.

    • philipmcvey

      Because she copped a ban of 18 months before CAS could hand down a two year ban that would have seen her cheating arse not allowed to compete here. Worse yet, she was judged to have already served the 18 month ban, so went back in to competition in Feb this year. Seriously, the system is beyond ridiculous. What is truly disgusting is that an organisation like the IOC that controls it’s intellectual property and branding with an iron fist and massive litigation can’t control who competes at the games. Or doesn’t want to. So a bike manufacturer like.. say.. Trek can’t promote the fact its product just won the men’s TT for fear of being sued, but you can turn up and compete as an exemplar of the ‘Olympic Spirit’ as a repeat doping offender! That is f*cking disgraceful.

      • Francesjelder4

        <<eo. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!mu263b:….,…….

      • winkybiker

        100% agree.

  • Anonymous

    The full results need to be updated to show Kristin Armstrong as the winner of the gold medal.

  • Doug Hopper

    The UCI should be embarrassed that neither of the top two are in their drug testing program. I don’t understand why not as all the other leading Americans and Russians are.

    • david__g

      How can she not be tested?

    • Legstrong

      Source please?


      Kristin has been tested 8 times this year. In comparison, Carmen Small has been tested 3 times. Evelyn Stevens, 7 times.

      Can’t speak for Olga. Shes shouldn’t be there at the first place.

      • Doug Hopper
        • david__g

          The UCI determine this list based on certain criteria. It’s for the whereabouts program and Armstrong doesn’t get to decide to not be on it, nor does she escape in competition testing.

          “The UCI Registered Testing Pool (UCI RTP) is the reference pool of riders to be submitted to the whereabouts requirements. The UCI RTP is established on certain criteria, including without limitation membership to a UCI WorldTeam or UCI Professional Continental Team, UCI rankings, performances, disciplinary hearing outcomes and other factors determined by the CADF, the UCI and/or the UCI Anti-Doping Commission.”

        • Legstrong

          Adding david_g point.

          Out of top 10 women’s TT finishers, (5) racers are not on the list. One name stands out… Linda Villumsen. A TT world champ. All of those 5 racers, except Katrin Garfoot, are not on women’s world tour teams. Considering how bad the financial condition in women’s cycling is, the whereabouts program is too expensive for those women (teams).

          • Dave

            I think you mean the Biological Passport, not the out of competition testing pool.

        • philipmcvey

          Thanks for that link.. fascinating… mainly because you’ve got Armistead on the list who missed several tests and rightly was put through the mill, and Armstrong who isn’t even on the list yet won gold and plaudits. Not sure how that works.

  • Dave

    Dsigraceful result all round. Congratulations to AvdB, the true winner.

    • david__g

      Wait, what’s the problem with Armstrong? Genuine question, as I’ve not kept up too much with women’s TT stuff.

      • James_Casper

        Ummm, after years of declaring innocence, Armstrong went on the Oprah Winfrey show to admit to doping crimes.

        • david__g

          I really wish I could tell if you’re joking.

          • david__g

            Or just really really stupid.

        • Rob


        • jules


    • philipmcvey

      In any other sport I’d say you were perhaps jumping to conclusions, but nope.. this is fair enough. Stunning really. Why have a list and then allow riders who aren’t on that list to compete at major events? Flawed in any number of ways it may be, but I think we can classify the Olympics as a ‘major event’.

  • Andy B

    Horrible conditions, Surprised there weren’t crashes.. those descents on TT bikes didn’t look fun

  • jules

    thanks Kristin. we dodged a bullet there

    • James_Casper

      For now.

  • werumeus

    Gold: Testosterone
    Silver: Octopamine
    Bronze: van der Breggen

    Congrats to all

    • david__g

      I’m going to assume you have some proof of Armstrong’s doping? (I have no horse in this race, but…come on)


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