Exploring the stunning natural border of Slovakia and Poland with Podia

The following photo series was captured by Constantin Gerlach who joined apparel brand Podia on their recent, “Podia Roadventures” cycling trip through the stunning Tatra mountains. We’re pleased to be featuring Podia’s Team Jersey exclusively on the CyclingTips Emporium currently, so when Constantin got in touch with us we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share his work.

Words and photos by Constantin Gerlach

Two weeks ago, Max, the founder of Podia, asked me to participate in the first ever “Podia Roadventure” in the Tatra Mountains. 4 days, roughly 500km with a small group of like-minded individuals and riding guides with in-depth local knowledge showcasing the best roads and culinary delights of the region I didn’t have to think twice.

For those that haven’t witnessed their beauty (coming from Berlin, I hadn’t!) the Tatra Mountains form a stunning natural border between Poland and Slovakia. As the brand is based in Poland, I knew I was in for a treat as they would be able to take us through unknown backroads that you otherwise wouldn’t know exist.

From Berlin, this certainly was a change of scenery more than welcome for us, as we are usually doomed to never ending flatness. The tiniest hill gives us chills and compared to that, the Tatra Mountains sounded like the real deal.

The following photo series is a selection images from our trip.