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  • Gabriel Constantin

    They spent years developing them and then about 10 minutes on naming them.

  • Ross

    Pity Felt cheaped out on the FR with the brakes

    • Alex

      I assume you could change them to Shimano direct mount if you wish.

      • Probably could but Shimano does not play well with crank arm power meters while the TRP one does. Further accommodation for power meters.

  • Andy B

    Looks like a nice bike, super light frame, I have an AR at the moment and my only dislike is the rear brake.. Otherwise I’ve had a few felts and they have been great

    • Gee Bee

      I have an AR as well (2015) and I cannot remember a single time where the rear mounted brakes bothered me. It’s the type of thing that when you set up properly, you just forget about it until the time you change cables.

      • Andy B

        My issues are when changing widths of wheel, changing wide tyres, removing wheels for trainer etc, along with braking performance being average when compared with a normal dura-ace caliper.. particularly in the wet
        Its capable of doing all.. just not as well as other brakes.. and when compared with hydro disc brakes the performance is terrible

        Its “fine” and does its job most of the time but compared with other bikes I find it a weakness of the bike

    • Zero Handups

      Not in the market for a new bike, but have to agree with others on chainstary rear brakes. Went down that road once…never again! That would be a deal breaker for me.

  • Sam

    Will the FR Disc front brake hose be zip tied like the Giant TCR?

    • James Huang

      Nope, it’s internally routed though the fork blade. Very clean and tidy.

      • Sam

        That’s awesome, will definitely go into the list as contender for a climbing rig with disc. Watching this, Fuji SL and BH Ultralight EVO with interest. Now if only Canyon will release the Ultimate Disc already!!!

  • Berne Shaw

    On a rainy muddy day the rear brake is useless and wildly unpredictable

    • MMAster

      I guess your results may vary…3 seasons in on an AR (regularly in rain & sections of unpaved roads)… No issues with a BB mounted Shimano 6810 brake other than gritty pads. Not saying I love the design, but, I haven’t had any of the issues that people claimed would happen. In my experience, a non issue.

  • Coach

    That reminded me a lot of a Cervelo R5…

  • Voon Ming Wei

    speaking about keeping the legacy of the F series, they discarded its most distinctive feature: long and low geometry.

  • Andrew

    I love everything EXCEPT the rear brake. That would be a deal ‘braker’ (misspelling intended) for me.

  • winkybiker

    Press-fit BBs? Brakes under the BB? No thanks, I’ll pass.

    • Peter

      Are there any race bikes that don’t use press-fit BBs anymore?

      • winkybiker

        Colnago C60 is the only one I can think of, sadly.

    • Peter

      Are there any race bikes that don’t use press-fit BBs anymore?


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