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  • Andy B

    I would be surprised to not see bora argon get a license given the names they have signed..

    • Dave

      If the proposed WorldTour expansion for next year gets approved, Bora-hansgrohe might decide that Pro Continental is the right level for them. They would surely get invitational entries to any races they want to attend (using Sagan’s star power, rather than a piece of paper from the UCI) while keeping the freedom to turn down any races that they don’t want.

  • Dave

    This presents a last ditch opportunity for the UCI to keep the Bahrain team out. With this team retaining its slot and Bora-hansgrohe stepping up, that’s the full 17 slots for 2017 spoken for.

    Let’s just avoid trying to mention that just last week was the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution beginning though…

    • Chris Reynolds

      Really? The cultural revolution? Should we then be concerned Hansgrohe are involved due to their German links?

  • Hakan Fondo

    Nice to see multinational peloton

  • raystrach

    let’s not mention the crusades or british “discovery” of australia as well


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February 18, 2017
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