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September 26, 2017
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Friday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

August 12, 2016

In Friday’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Kristoff wins at home in Arctic Race of Norway; van der Sande scores first pro win at Tour de l’Ain; Neben wins Route de France TT, takes lead; Cannondale-Drapac wins Czech tour TTT opener; Evie Stevens officially announces retirement; Team GB boss: No conflict between Cavendish and Wiggins; BMC announces Vuelta line-up, sans Phinney; Giant-Alpecin Vuelta roster; USA Cycling changing American domestic calendar; Trek pledges $1 million to support youth cycling; Ride London event produces harmful waste; Dan Craven takes on ALL the Olympics; Route de France stage 3 highlights; Young Cancellara pledges never to dope; Specialized Torch Olympic paint job in action

Kristoff wins at home in Arctic Race of Norway

by CyclingTips

Alexander Kristoff (Team Katusha) scored a home win in the opening stage of the Arctic Race of Norway in a photo-finish ahead of John Degenkolb (Team Giant – Alpecin) and Danny Van Poppel (Team Sky).

Courtesy: ASO / P.Ballet

“I was kind of lucky, I was a bit alone in the final,” said Kristoff. “Degenkolb had a good lead out at the end. He came really fast but his gear was stopping, he had technical issues and I managed to pass him, so luck was on my side. He did a really good sprint. I had a hard time coming past him if he had a smooth sprint because he timed it really well but at the end I was jumping and I got the win so I’m happy.

“I felt good for my come-back race. I was up there although I had been sick for one week after the Tour. I had only one week of training so I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel. The climb was not too hard today. I managed quite easy so I’ll try again tomorrow.”

The main break of six included Krister Hagen (Team Coop – ØsterHus), Maxime Cam (Fortuneo – Vital Concept), Tom Van Asbroeck (LottoNL Jumbo), Gregory Rast (Trek-Segafredo), Kenny de Ketele (Topsport Vlaanderen – Baloise) and Max Emil Kørner (Team Ringeriks – Kraft). Van Asbroeck took the maximum points on the early KOM climbs and earns the leader’s jersey.

Katusha led the chase for Kristoff and after the final Ljøsenhammeren climb the race was back together, with 10km to go to the finish.

Summary – Stage 1 – Arctic Race of Norway 2016 by arcticraceofnorway

Stage 1: Fauske > Rognan - Stage Result

Thursday 11th August 2016

1. no
KRISTOFF Alexander
Team Katusha
2. de
Team Giant - Alpecin
3. nl
Team Sky

Today’s feature image comes from David Pearce at the men’s time trial at the Rio Olympics.

  • MattHurst

    Would love one of those spesh paint jobs, I could set it at 0 degrees and if my bike was the wrong colour I don’t go out to ride…yet ;)

    • Hyun-ji Song

      You’d have to leave it outside though :(

  • Dave

    I think Mel Hoskins just announced on the Seven live coverage that she’ll be retiring rather than returning to the road.

    The left-handed drivetrain of the US bikes worked well for them in women’s team pursuit qualifying, they came in second just behind the new world record set by the Brits.

    • Gavin Adkins

      The Australian women have a big job to do in order to get on terms with the USA in Round 1 tomorrow.

      • Dave

        They did all that was needed in qualifying though – get into the opposite heat as the Brits. Same goes for the men who should have no trouble taking the Danes tomorrow morning.

        The next round for the women is on Sunday morning AUS time, so the 48 hour break will only help Hoskins with her injury recovery. I expect Edmonson to skip Round 1 with Ankudinoff coming in, then for Hoskins to sit out the final.

        The women’s schedule seems rather odd, the pursuit has a 48 hour break between the qualifying and competition rounds while the women’s sprint events are on five days in a row. The women’s team sprint should have been this morning and pursuit qualifying tomorrow.

        • Gavin Adkins

          That is odd, I had assumed the women’s team pursuit round 1/finals would be tomorrow. The extra time helps for recovery, but finding 5 seconds is a big task.

        • jules

          the pursuiters need more recovery time?

  • jules

    I get the feeling people like Cav and Wiggo don’t have conventional relations. They’re both highly goal oriented and that likely comes before any friendship they have. Trying to pick a rift between them seems like trying to frame their relationship in the way ordinary people get along. I imagine Cav is disappointed not to ride the team pursuit and he won’t feel the need to pretend otherwise. Dunno if that makes it personal between them.

    • Neil

      They’re not exactly conventional people…

    • Dave

      Cav revealed last week that part of his relationship with his Page 3 model wife is that she reminds him to check his Whereabouts filings before they go to bed each night.

      How sexy!

  • Callum Dwyer

    Finally! Hypercolour bikes.

  • jules

    dropping litter on your ride, or any time, is disgusting. you are a goose if you think it’s OK.

    having said that, some of the litter on mass rides has likely been dropped by newbies who stocked up on tons of gels and couldn’t quite stuff the wrapper in their jersey pocket. some.

    • Anto, NZ

      I think some people treat these mass start events as their big ‘race’ and see it as ‘pro’ to dump litter as they’re pumping out 200w. You still see the pros do it on TV, though I thought the UCI were fining people for it.

      • Dave

        Lots of people don’t know that the pros are directed to drop their wrappers at a couple of pre-arranged drop zones, not just at any point along the course. The riders are generally pretty good at complying with those rules these days.

        The UCI fines are issued for riders dropping wrappers elsewhere, but then there’s the problem of the UCI’s table of penalties being so laughably weak as to present no deterrent whatsoever. A 50CHF fine might mean something if you’re a semi-pro on a Continental/Women’s team getting paid just your expenses, but not if you’re a well-paid pro on a WorldTour team. The fines need to be scaled according to rider salaries.

        • Hard to believe when the peloton nears a sprint finish and you see bottles flying out of the group like popcorn popping. Sadly the attitude with the punters is “the event has somebody to clean this up” whether that’s the case or not.
          Cycling has a littering problem only made worse by all the engineered food product packaging. Wonder if they could at least make it biodegradable, as is the case with some water bottles?

          • Dave

            Discarding bottles is allowed if they are discarded in areas with spectators who will pick them up as souvenirs.

            The biodegradable bottles are a joke, they only partially break down and they still take years.

            • Might well be the “rule” Dave, but on TV you see plenty of bottles flying out of the peloton and into farm fields with nary a spectator to be seen. Sadly, there’s no way they can penalize anyone as it’s often a mass unloading – impossible to identify an individual culprit.

  • david__g

    How have you managed to report on the ARofN without talking about whatever is happening right behind the leading two?!

    • Roger That

      They were picking up gel wrappers.

  • Andy B

    Bmc should be in with a good shot at a top 10 finish at the vuelta

  • Damian Eley

    Could Spesh tweak the colour change temp then we can all see the heat from motors hidden in the seat tubes?

    • jules


    • Dave

      Then all we’d need is for Pinarello to develop one that changes colour when a rider drafts behind a team car.

  • James_Casper

    Been to Switzerland a couple of times. If I’m brutally honest, I’d say they aren’t the most funniest nation on earth.

    With that in mind, that Cancellara character is unique. His talents not just limited to smashing it on a bike.

  • James_Casper

    CT …

    Today’s feature image comes from
    …. at the men’s time trial at the Rio Olympics

    I imagine a few competitors got disqualified for drafting??

  • Andy Logan

    Looks like there was a pretty big crash behind Kristoff and Degenkolb, with one rider in the barriers.


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