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  • Craig Hoskin

    Add him to the leadout train for Orica and Ewan!!!

    • Pete

      Ewan can’t hold Mezgec’s wheel as it is

      • Common Wombat

        Very fair point. Whilst it would seem that OBE will give Ewan another 2 years; he does not look like being a viable fit going further.

        Not only does he lack the endurance to be a viable one day classics rider; even if he were to develop on that side he hasnt the “engine” to be viable on cobbles nor the uphill capacity for even MSR or Cuddles’ race.

        He’s essentially a straight out bunch kick man and hasn’t the strength to “freelance” in such finishes. Therefore, he is reliant at least 2-3 lead-out men. For some one-week tours, that can accomodated to some extent but with the team’s increasing GT focus being on GC; he is too “resource intensive” and diverts support from the GC man. Furthermore, he lacks the survivability in the mountains so you are probably one man down by halfway through the GT.

        • Dave

          Ewan has indeed been renewed for another two years.

          Looks like we know who pinched the compromising photos from Matt Goss a couple of years ago.

        • bluemoonday

          Huh? You mean he is only really suited to sprint finishes in stage races? Like nearly every other sprinter in the peleton? Surely every team would want at least one fast man in the race, or what’s the point of turning up? He could just do a Cav and hitch a ride on another teams train!

          • Common Wombat

            Quite simply, he is one dimensional in that he is the brand of sprinter (like Kittel) who is unlikely to survive to the finish if there are any serious uphills raced hard in the final stages.

            Furthermore, he lacks the size and strength to be able to ‘freelance” in the rough & tumble; he requires “minders” to set him up.

            OBE were silly enough to buy into all the hype of his junior years. Hopefully, they won’t remain suckered long term

            • bluemoonday

              Interesting. Well thanks for the reply, and back story. I have only seen him in the TDU and with him going well there, I guess he made a good impression. Given what I did see of him and his undoubted spring ability, when he does get the conditions you say he requires, I guess it is understandable to see why OBE did fall for the hype. He did look unbeatable in a straight shoot out. It was widely reported that OBE were expecting him to have a bit of a breakthrough season this year, on the back of those earlier results.

              Maybe he needs to take up Muy Thai!

              • Common Wombat

                Oh, the AUS hype was mega. What gave me a reality check back in 2014 were his rides at both CG & Ride London where his lack of engine was glaringly exposed. He IS a superlative criterium rider, esp when he has a whole team working for him, but top line international racing is NOT crits !

                Yes, he can clean up at TdU & pick up stage wins at some 1 week tours but, outside of TdU, probably only Poland & Eneco are the only ones where they will not be a major GC focus. He cannot survive mountains so he cannot go full distance at GTs, so you’re cutting your team numbers down by 1 by half way through the GT. He isn’t strong enough to even provide flat land grunt capacity. Someone like Matthews can survive hills raced hard; mountains to Cat 2 level; has some TT ability for prologues/TTT asset; Ewan ticks none of those boxes.

                He hasn’t the endurance to become a real one day contender and even if he does develop on that front; he hasn’t the engine for the cobbled races nor the capacity to survive hills raced hard like the Cipressa/Poggio at MSR; those in RVV, Pluoay ….. or even Cuddles Race.

                • bluemoonday

                  Interesting! Love hearing insightful bits and pieces like this, thanks for the reply.

  • jules

    good luck Hendo. what an absolute machine. if I was a team mgr I’d be looking at him, more than just for the watts

  • Phillip Mercer

    Hendo to join Aru? :p


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