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  • Buster Thomas

    Interesting… Who’s next, and who’s out for next year?

    • Michael Matthews to Giant-Sunweb is the rumour

    • Dave

      In case you missed the news on the weekend, Carlos Verona is in from Etixx-Quickstep with an immediate mid-season transfer which will see him on the start line for Vuelta a Burgos tonight (Aus time). That one was clearly negotiated well in advance of the official transfer season, which is not against UCI rules so long as the contract is signed no earlier than August 1.

      Michael Matthews is certainly out (rumoured to be going to Giant-Alpecin, or The Artist Soon To Be Known As Giant-Sunweb) and I would not be surprised if Amets Txurruka is also going.

      There are a few others who haven’t been renewed yet (Durbridge for example) and may still be poached if other teams offer them more, cycling not having a system allowing the rider’s current team to match an offer like the free agency rules in professional sports. As much as the team has a great culture, a great culture doesn’t do anything to help set you up for life beyond 35.

  • Kieran Degan

    Huge news.

  • DaGoose

    This is big news! I like Roman but I’m going to sound a little pessmistic here. He would be a great asset to the team but fear that he might be too good. I seem to observe that he’s always up there when he’s the key helper and fear that he might just pounce when the time is right and go from key helper to main GC contender, perhaps that’s their plan. I suppose he would be a very solid backup should their main GC contender falter. I just hope it doesn’t lead to tensions within the team.


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