Lumiere Cycling

Six months from our last Emporium feature, we're pleased to bring you the brand's Bahamas jersey

Introducing the Bahamas Jersey by Lumiere, available exclusively at the CyclingTips Emporium for a limited time only.

Photos by Harold Lord & Joe Oberholster

It has been six months since we first introduced Lumiere to the CyclingTips Emporium with their Timbre Jersey, an exclusive to the Emporium as part of Lumiere’s French-inspired ‘Mais Oui’ collection. Since then, we’ve been watching closely what the Melbourne brand has been up to, working hard to grow their range and launching their first Winter Collection. With the launch of their most recent collection, ‘Get Lost’, we’re pleased to say we’re featuring the final piece of this collection, the Bahamas Jersey exclusively through the Emporium for a limited time, available to both men and women.

Matt Robertson (above left) and Joe (left image, above right) and Mireille Oberholster (above right) are the team behind Lumiere. Work colleagues, brought together by a shared passion for cycling, Matt and Joe founded Lumiere with the aim of bringing that passion to life.

“Lumiere is, in its truest sense, a passion project to us. We maintain full-time jobs and juggle busy lives outside of Lumiere, and we believe this gives us a competitive advantage over other brands. Having a ‘real job’ outside of Lumiere means that our decision making isn’t clouded by the constant pressures of having to make higher margins or sales targets, rather we have the luxury of being able to make the decisions that we think will best represent our vision for the brand and enable us to create something that we are truly proud of,” says Matt.

It wasn’t long after Lumiere created their very first kit that they quickly enlisted the help of Joe’s wife Mireille as their designer. Juggling her time between being a young mother (with another one on the way), an interior architect, a university lecturer and Lumiere’s designer, it’s this diverse background that Lumiere believes gives them their unique look and feel. Whilst Mireille has an interest in cycling through Joe, she isn’t a cyclist herself with interests in fashion and trends outside the cycling world. Lumiere feels that this has been a real strength of theirs because Mireille is able to think completely outside of the box when designing cycling apparel.

Their design process is kept very fluid and begins with Joe and Mireille brainstorming colour palettes, sketching patterns and logos and playing with pattern scales. Whilst Joe and Mireille have fairly different styles and tastes they generally find that final designs meet somewhere in the middle and are a combination of their own ideas and inputs, whether it is Joe drawing up the logo and Mireille selecting the colour combinations, every step of the process is considered and refined collaboratively. It’s very much a family affair.

Stepping away from “Mais Oui”, Lumiere’s previous collection, the brand felt this new collection shouldn’t be bound by a specific theme or inspiration. Mireille said, “with this collection we wanted to lose ourselves in designs aesthetically beautiful and playful, we didn’t feel that we needed a theme or driver behind the collection, we wanted to get lost.”

Lumiere have continued to make improvements to the overall fit and cut of their garments, each garment they produce is tailored locally in Melbourne to produce a fit suited to their specific fabric choices. They have used the feedback from their previous range to introduce a XX-Small to the men’s range and re-tailor the female jersey to what they now believe represents the signature Lumiere cut in the female form. The initial feedback on this refined cut has been very positive. Lumiere jerseys feature a high stretch and are designed to be worn close to the body.

“This constant level of refinement is what we feel will keep pushing the brand to the next level,” says Matt.

“We do all the work behind the brand, as the owners we are the ones designing the kits, hand writing the thank you cards, responding to emails and taking the phone calls,” says Matt. “The public’s response to Lumiere has exceeded our expectations from when we started this last year, we are extremely thankful to all our customers for supporting our brand and can’t wait to continue what we have started.”

The Bahamas Jersey is available exclusively for a limited time only at the CyclingTips Emporium in both men’s and women’s specific cuts, along with matching Charcoal bibs. If the response to brand is anything like last time, these won’t last long.

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emorium.