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  • Joe Henstridge

    No wonder he was off the back … two front wheels??

    I jest, hope to see him back soon.

    • MMAster

      no…look again, the freehub body & cassette were pulled off the hub

      • Joe Henstridge

        Yep, I know, hence the “I jest” bit ;) It was my poor attempt at a joke.

  • lowlander

    Cofidis?? You sure one of the Bouhanni bros wasn’t driving?

  • George Darroch

    Are these getting worse? It’s pretty bad out there…

    • Janiceadavalos1

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  • Looks like (I assume Canyon) the image has been scrubbed from the web.

  • Alex

    Can anyone explain why team cars aren’t driven by trained drivers, without access to race radio or screens and whose sole role is to concentrate on driving safely? Watching on-board camera footage, particularly when celebrating, is amazing… drivers take their hands off the steering wheel, lean out of the window to chat with cyclists, hand out stuff to them, turn round to high-five anyone in the back, hug the one in the passenger seat etc etc. Sure, it’s fun to watch but if you were cycling along a road, would you want drivers around you doing that stuff? With the speeds involved, it looks pretty lethal to me. Do local driving laws not apply on closed roads?


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