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  • Papuass

    It would be fair to mention that Laima Zilporyte is from Lithuania, not Russia. You know, USSR team was not entirely made up with Russians.

  • Legstrong

    Not sure about that GB kit. Lizzie clearly looked very excited wearing it.

  • Paul M

    The Women’s Road Race is THE event I’m looking forward to from this Olympics. A really great field, and a fairly interesting course. There are a bunch of riders I hope to see do well, and it’s always nice to see one’s fellow nationalists succeed, (USA in my case) but I’d be lying if I said that I’m hoping for anything other than a repeat from Marianne Vos. It’s been so good to see her getting back to form again.

    • Andy B

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Lisa Eriksson

    Awesome, thank you for sharing this guide! I am so excited and can not wait! GO SWEDEN!!
    But why no mention about the W’s track racing? We’ve got a really great women’s team from US competing in RIO in track racing.

  • Robert Merkel

    How does Armitstead go up long climbs?

    I know she’s supreme on Classics-style courses, but can she be dropped hard enough on that climb so as not to be able to come back on the flat runin?

    • Dave

      She might be a bit out of form after missing races while on a doping suspension which has now been overturned on a technicality.

      I hope she withdraws and is replaced by the team’s first reserve, or drops out early in the race so the result is not tainted.

      • Robert Merkel

        Ten points for timing for the grandparent post…

        Don’t think we have enough information to make the call on the merits of her non-suspension.

  • Gavin Adkins

    I would also have Rachel Neylan in there as an outsider. Seriously underrated bike rider.

    • Dave

      I think she’ll be working for Amanda Spratt, who is just as good a rider but in better form this season.

      • Gavin Adkins

        Spratt is having a great year and I agree that she will be the protected Australian rider, but Neylan has a knack for pulling one out of the bag when it counts.

  • winkybiker

    “Even” Stevens can’t win this.

  • RacingCondor

    There are quite a few teams with a potential winner but most teams only have one real option.

    The US team looks very strong given the circuit.


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