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  • Valiant Abello

    Some damn sexy shoes
    That tool roll is gorgeous too

    • Wily_Quixote

      FFS can we just admit that saddlebags are a good idea…..

      • James Huang

        Being self-sufficient is *always* cool.

  • Andy B

    Great Products and awesome warranty too :)

  • Wily_Quixote

    I had a boa closure on a pair of Lake mtb shoes before my 6 month old pointer took a liking to them.
    The closures were flawed, I thought, as I could not get specific pressures over the top of myfoot. I did like the convenience, though.
    I think that two closures would have been better, but then a standard buckle + Velcro is simpler, less prone to mud fouling, cheaper, and less tasty to puppies.
    Perhaps boa closures are best as a road shoe closure system only.

    • Andy B

      Ive got dual boas on my mtb shoes.. they work great
      I think the newer versions are more reliable too

  • Jessy Vee

    Huge props to Boa’s awesome Customer Service, too! A dial on my shoe was messed up in a bad crash, and they sent me replacements in no time – no questions asked. Awesome product. Awesome ingenuity. They look like a brand that is doing everything right.

    • Carolerbedford

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  • Val

    “the company’s ultra-popular Empire lace-up models — a category the company pioneered in 2013”
    Giro invented lace-up cycling shoes? Interesting.

    • James Huang

      No, but it deserves credit for bringing the concept back after a very long hiatus, and in a way that even high-end riders accepted quickly. No small feat.

      • david__g

        But only good if you have small feet (My wide feet just won’t work in Empires, and it makes me so sad)

        • James Huang

          Giro is launching a new high-volume version of the Empire soon, so sit tight! There may be hope yet for you ;)

          • david__g

            oooh, good to know! I hope they don’t just do it in black though…

  • Milessio

    Thanks for another interesting article. I wonder if like the Spurcycle v the others, mention of Atop (and others?) should have been included here?


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