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Photo Gallery: 2016 Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race

Leadville to Columbine to Leadville :: 100 miles (160km)

  • Legstrong

    So was LT Dam able to start the race on time? From his tweets, they sounded like he started just fine. This event is in my bucket list. Looks fun and painful.

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      To paraphrase a close friend of mine who has given birth: “Natural childbirth is painful. Leadville is something else entirely.”

    • Neal Rogers

      I believe LTD was able to start on time, just barely

    • Neal Rogers

      I believe LTD was able to start on time, just barely

  • Lynden Blackley

    I raced Leadville in 2011. An amazing event in the craziest location. Traveling from Melbourne to racing at over 10000ft of Altitude is something else. I can’t wait to do it again

  • Hamish Moffatt

    Nose clips are the new doping it appears.

  • Boogieman

    Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. Just brings back awesome memories….life changing race for me (coming from Florida…). Congrats to all who lined up to start and major kudos to my buckled brethren.

  • P3N54

    The clip-on aero bars on Wells’ bike make me sad.

  • Huw

    Gruber(s) and Kevin Scott Batchelor killing it behind the lens as usual…


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