From cycling blog to apparel brand

Welcoming the latest guest brand to the Emporium, UK/ Polish brand, Podia. For a limited time we’re featuring their Team Edition Jersey exclusively at the CyclingTips Emporium.

Podia began as a humble blog in 2014 when Max Burgess moved with his wife, Magda, to her hometown of Kraków in Poland. Max previously worked in the television industry in London for over 10 years. After making a attempted career switch to architecture, Max constantly found himself returning to the bike for answers. Eventually realising the bike was the answer.

“The blog was initially a platform to capture my discoveries in a new country. My new cycling friends were taking me to all these amazing places and so I wanted to show everyone around the world how great Poland and Central Eastern Europe can be for cycling. I came up with a jersey that we could wear when creating these posts and gradually we got more and more requests to buy it,” Max said. “It was a defining moment; people wanted to buy something I had designed. It gave us the motivation and confidence to design more.”

Run by Max (above left) and Magda (above right), neither having come from a fashion or apparel background, the learning curve has been steep.

“One of the biggest challenges for us has been finding the right manufacturing partners. Many brands making cycling apparel work with producers that will take your graphic design and apply it to their established styles. This is something we started with early on, but found it was too limiting. I always wanted to change something and improve it, but we were so small that the producers wouldn’t entertain it. This year we are producing garments that are completely our own creations, which is something we are really proud of.”

“This year we are producing garments that are completely our own creations, which is something we are really proud of. But, it takes us time, as we like to visit the factories and meet with the makers. We have covered a lot of ground around Europe in the past year by doing this, but for me that is all part of the fun of what we do.”

Podia aims to showcase the social and fun side of cycling as it was this shared passion that helped Max’s transition into a new country. For Podia, it’s not just about suffering up a big climb (even though this is what often happens when a group of mates hit a climb together), but about shared experiences and adventures.

“I love the technical side of cycling from the bikes and the equipment to the fashion side of it, how people look and dress. When I am out riding and feel like I am wearing something a bit different, something that nobody else has, something that speaks visually about who I am; I feel great.”

Podia plans to put some effort into their ladies collection now that they’re happy with their men’s collection, but they don’t simply want to take their male jersey/ knicks and reduce their size (‘pink it and shrink it’); they want to put the same effort that they do into their men’s collection and get it right. You can find their Team Jersey at the Emporium for a limited time only.

“Cycling unites us and we hope Podia can help unite more cyclists.”

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emorium.