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  • jules

    that blue tape on Wiggo looks like it would be painful to remove

    • All I see at are those horrendous track jackets. Someone needs to work on getting a better fit this time.

      • jules

        I think those ill-fitting balloony nylon jackets are big over there. I’ve seen them a lot in footage of soccer riots.

        • Jenniferehager

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      • Dba

        Those jackets have annoyed me for 4 years. Here in the UK there was a lot of press about the Team GB kit, about how it was the most advanced ever and how every athlete would wear the same design for team unity. Then you see these jackets on the podium that ride up whenever the arms are raised…

  • Gavin Adkins

    All things considered, pretty hard to go past Dennis the menace. Would have liked to see Dowsett get a berth, but pretty difficult to beat out Froome for selection.

    • Adam K

      Physical ability yes. Ability to generate bad luck scuttles most of his chances. If its not another crash, its a puncture. If its neither of those, it will be some other type of mechanical. If its wet, and he is trying to go fast on the TT bike, he will crash. He is an extraordinary talent and I’m a big fan and I am rooting for him 100%, but oh man the guy generates some interesting luck….

      • Dave

        Sure enough!

  • Frank Zgoznik

    Froome looks the fav to me. Especially given he’s so well endowed (check the TdF photo above)

    • jules

      there’s got to be an aero penalty there

      • Jessicadrichardson1

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    • Sean

      I think we should call him ‘horse’ from here on.

    • Bex

      people joke about a 3rd leg but putting a shoe on the end of it is ridiculous.

  • D0rk

    Anyone else notice the chain on Rohan’s TT bike? I’m amazed that it wasn’t an issue.

  • Gavin Adkins

    #BREAKING – Dan Craven to ride Olympic TT on standard road bike: https://twitter.com/DanFromNam/status/763072371863457792


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