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  • Art Wetherall

    Looking forward to this. The Vuelta was my favourite race for 2015.

  • Andy B

    I love the Vuelta as its the tour my favourite ride Chris horner won

  • J Evans

    I continue to be disappointed by Froome’s actions post-Tour. He doesn’t need the money, so why ride all those criteriums?

    If he wants to be regarded as a truly great rider (perhaps he’s not interested in that) he should want to win the other grand tours. Especially as if he won this race, it would be without an incredibly strong team behind him, for once.

    Having said that, I want to see a close, interesting race so I hope his focus has been as lacking as it seems.

    As for Quintana’s ‘the treble of podiums in Grand Tours’ – that’s not really something a rider of his calibre should be aiming for – seems like clutching at straws. Mind you, I would be impressed if Valverde managed to top 10 in all three.

    Other than the big three riders, I think Kruijswijk is the most likely to challenge.

  • J Evans

    No Bouhanni?

    • Yeah, doesn’t seem to be racing.

      • J Evans

        Any idea why not? Surely the only chance to salvage his season – and he owes his team.

        • Christian Thomsen

          Not really a tour for the sprinters I think. To much hazzle.


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