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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
  • Push Bike Writer

    Danish kit wins hands down.

    • 100%!

    • sket

      Slovenia 2nd?

      • Deborahrdamron

        <<l:y. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bx574a:….,

      • RC1234

        nah! Swiss… Classic look!

    • RC1234

      competely!! so retro! love it!

  • Kieran Degan

    Denmark! Nice

    • winkybiker

      Yep. And daylight second. (But the moose is pretty cool. Pity about the kit)

  • William Tsui

    Why no Asian teams?

    • We’ve just added a photo of the Korean kit, from Ok Cheol Kim. :)

      • That Korean kit is scary. I’m trying to figure out if the design over his junk is supposed to be a fingerprint or pubic hair. Either way, it just looks wrong, so wrong.

    • noob_sauce

      Would a photo of the Astana kit count?

  • Laurens

    With several all white designs, let’s hope there will be no rain for optimum viewing pleasure ;-)

  • noob_sauce

    1. Danish Kit
    2. Chaves’ scarf
    3. Swiss team Assos kit

    1. Phinney’s moustache

  • Marcus

    Oh dear, Columbia and Poland, what have you done…

    • Dale Smith

      Please don’t let them on the podium!!

    • RC1234

      i Know!! White SHORTS!!! WTF!

  • Adrian

    Denmark in a solo breakaway. The rest separated by a bike throw with the USA punctured (why they insist on stars and stripes AND initials always escapes me).

    • Adrian

      replying to myself. Seems they skipped the stars this time, but I prefer the French approach. Modesty….

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Side topic: Custom Olympic Bikes
    1. Pouls orange and white striped Pinarello
    2. The Canyons in that blinding neon green (Taking cue from Specialized in London)
    3. Normally a custom Belgium blue takes my fancy but can’t see anyone on one this year so I’ll just join the praise of Denmarks kit.

    • Have you seen Specialized’s paintjobs? https://vimeo.com/177214328

      • VerticallyCompliant

        Holding judgment until Nibali breaks away on the final descent and the paint changes colour as he speeds out of every corner.

  • gttim

    Denmark wins! Korea gets special award for kit with optical illusion that makes your package look bigger. Columbia goes with the all white bib shorts, so it most likely will rain on race day.

  • Brodie

    Denmark and Brasil win !

  • Alexander Holbrook

    1. Danish
    2. Belgium
    3. French

  • Al Storer

    GB is an embarrassment
    Portugal is awful
    Slovenia is mystifying
    That South Korean kit though is worse

    Love the Nambian kit
    The USA is superb
    I love what the Dutch have done
    The French kit is classy

    But, joint winners:
    Denmark, for classy innovation
    Belgium, for sticking with the all-time #1 national kit and not messing with it

  • david

    I assume it’s something to do with matching the rest of the Olympic team or the clothing sponsor, but can anyone confirm why Australia don’t wear green and gold bands (i.e. as per world championships)?

    • Dave

      Kit is the Olympic livery used for the whole Olympic team, not normal CA colours.

  • David Markham

    Belgium and Denmark are the only two truly good kits. Most of the others are fairly awful, with the Colombian all-white effort being a low point

  • Jackson

    Kruijswijk’s ranga kit on the Bianchi green is truly a sight to behold

  • Gareth Millar

    Namibia IMHO.

  • Robert Merkel

    The Aussie kit is predictably disgusting (there’s not a hell of a lot you can do with green and gold) but at least it’s not as bad as the ceremonial uniform for the opening ceremony.

  • Roger That

    The Team GB kit is designed by the famous Stella McCarthy http://www.dezeen.com/2016/08/05/stella-mccartney-adidas-team-gb-opening-ceremony-outfits-rio-2016/

    But the Danes are killing it (Team GB is interesting though, whilst the USA is a shocker).

    • winkybiker

      I think it is Stella McCartney. Her dad is rather famous. He was on the Ed Sullivan show, you know.

      • Roger That

        Yep, Elvis got around …

  • 900Aero

    The only one I’d pay money for is Namibia and possibly Denmark. Switzerland and France are classic, Belgium and Canada stick with a proven formula and at least Australia has traded in the yellow knicks for a pretty nice, balanced look. All those teams in white though…..dudes….

  • winkybiker

    The ‘strayan and setheffrican colours are dreadful, and always have been. Colombia, WTF? White bibs! A 1000 times no.

  • winkybiker

    What has snapped in Taylor’s brain that he thinks that ‘stache is a good look? Really? He looks in the mirror and gives it two thumbs up each morning? There are things I don’t comprehend. And who’s the hipster lumberjack, and why is he in Namibian team kit?

  • Nick Clark

    Denmark. All class.

  • deAuxerre

    Olympics bring millions of viewers who are not regular cycling watchers, so it is critically important to be recognizable from moto & helicopter (and the blur past a roadside crowd). Especially with the multi-colours of different trade-pro helmets on one team.

    The USA has the largest possible stripes and letters. Simple, perfect.
    Some colours are historic; Spain, Canada, France, Belgium, etc. Consistency counts.
    The Denmark lettering is clever, but the all-red is what will get them noticed.

    There are too many teams with white covering 90% and a few accents of logo and lettering. Germany looks identical to Colombia, but the latter have large lettering to their advantage. Switzerland needs a giant cross and nothing else. Spartacus had the idea https://twitter.com/f_cancellara/status/760024923070992384

    Some teams have ‘adopted’ colours which are NOT on their flags; the Canadian sky blue, the Netherlands orange and the Italian azzuri. One must be very careful with that. Interior designers tell me that there are no bad colours; just bad colour combinations; the Dutch prove that.

    Some kits seem missing complementary and contrasting colours (e.g. Korea) as if their printer ran out of certain inks.

    English tops are the worst; a 2×3″ flag on a shoulder will only help the person to doing the team’s laundry. The graphic on the front is what happens when some idiot sees a poster on a monitor, thinks it cool, downloads it from the internet and puts it on the front of a guy hunched over for 6.5 hrs. They are saved by that large red band on the bottom of the shorts; that’ll stand out with each pedal stroke.

    • Dave

      The Canadian, Dutch, Italian colours are the traditional sporting colours of those nations, even if they aren’t on the national flags. The same applies to the Australian and Belgian kits too. They use them because nobody would notice them if they swapped from sporting colours to flag colours.

      Where the Dutch stuffed up is in the arrangement of them, smaller stripes of their flag colours would have been better than the large panels.

  • Scott Newman

    The US Kits always Suuuuuuuck! They had a couple good years with that Cuore kit and then went back to terrible with Assos.

    • Dave

      The US Olympic kits are always Nike.

  • Grandpa

    Danish kit and Taylor Phinney’s mustache!

  • david__g

    1. Denmark (I’d actually wear that)

    2. All the rest except…

    3. UK (awful)

    4. Korea (wat)

    5. All with white bibs (stop it)

  • david__g

    (also what’s with the USA kit? It’s like they’re trying to go retro but missed the mark by a long way. It just looks ugly and stupid)

  • Justin Evans

    1. Denmark
    2. Belgium
    3. France
    4. Swiss
    5. Aussies
    Everything else is meh except all white. Those are super nope.


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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017