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  • Maeve

    Hope he can recover and at least ride a few races this season

  • jules

    “Significantly, he confirmed that the first of those would be Legionnaires’ disease.”

    hi Shane, doesn’t that suggest that Rio air-conditioning wasn’t to blame? I can see it was Roche himself who suggested that possibility, but seems he was wrong.

    anyway good luck to him, pneumonia not something I’d wish on anyone.

    • James_Casper

      I think Roche himself suggested via a tweet on Aug. 12 that he thought it was from a air-cond.

      Roche has since explained how he’s been tested which will determine when the incubation if pneumonia happened. This might render his own Aug. 12 comments as null and void.

      That’s how I read it.

      • jules

        I think they automatically render his Aug. 12 comments about Rio air conditioning null and void – as I read it, the only way it could be Legionnaire’s is if he picked it up before Rio.

        focusing on the big issues here!!

        • Shane Stokes

          Hey, the incubation period is anything between two to ten days so I guess that could mean it was that strain. We’ll keep in touch with him and update when we get an answer on this. Thanks for the comments, folks

      • Teresagwallace3

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        • James_Casper

          @cyclingtips … Wade – do you have a rich relative posting comments on here?


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