• Breck Epic 2017: August 13-18. Just sayin’.

  • jgrosser

    Pro stage race in VA would be awesome.

  • Dave

    Whatever happens, don’t give it a naff name like ‘USA Pro Challenge’ that makes it sound like an over-ambitious mass participation ride.

  • Ken Martin

    As much as it would be good for the cycling community, the last almost broke Richmond financially. We held it and the masses did not materialize nor did the dollars.

    • duanegran

      Are you referring to something other than the world championships? I ask because the worlds last September seemed like a slam dunk success. They expected 400k spectators and got 625k and the estimated revenue was in excess of 100 million USD due to tourism. Naturally a non world tour UCI race won’t draw nearly as much attention as a world championship but it gives some hope.

      • Ken Martin

        No one ever provided city residents with any audited numbers. The race cost taxpayers a lot in the way of city services. The old rob Peter to Paul type of thing. Our schools, public safety and infrastructure are still suffering from the extra expense. From a cost benefit stance it was a huge flop. If city residents were allowed to vote on the issue, be assured an overwhelming majority would vote no. We would be happy for anyone else to host the race until our city can recover from the last one.


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