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Pauline Ferrand Prevot. France. Rio 2016
  • david__g

    This is a shame and I hope she’s better soon. I was looking forward to seeing her during CX season again.

  • Karen

    It’s an easy place to end up in, in a world where achieving measurable results is everything. I see this happen a lot, even at lower levels of sport. People get so focused on achieving that they lose sight of why they were doing it in the first place- for pleasure. Not bagging the lady, she was trying to do too much and the pleasure got sucked out of the game for her. Hopefully she gets to refocus, realise that winning isn’t everything and return to the sport and enjoy it again.

  • Ant

    Footballers and other professional athletes fall into this trap all the time, sacrificing long term sustainability – both physical and mental – for short term goals. I hope Pauline gets past this personal crisis quickly, and falls in love with riding again!

  • David Simons

    It’s ok, Julien will comfort her….

    • Dave

      When he’s not spending time with the kids he had with his wife.

  • jules

    sounds like overtraining. even, or especially elite athletes have to do what amateurs do – take a break, recover, become hungry again.

  • velocite

    Well, Beethoven’s dead, and I’m not feeling too well myself.

  • Dave

    It sounds to me like she tried to maintain racing condition for too long rather than having time between racing blocks to recover well before building up to the next objectives. Same as Marianne Vos.

    It’s easy to see why that would have been tempting, when they were at their respective peaks both of them were comfortably superior to the shallow competition around them and could basically win almost any race simply by showing up. Vos confessed to an ‘addiction to winning’ causing her problems.


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