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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017
  • Dell Todd


    • I didn’t realize the money situation was so dire. Sobering indeed.

      • Eye-opening eh?

        • Pedant

          May i assume CyclingTips is paying her to write?

          • Yes, we do.

            • Lach

              And, fair enough.

            • Marc

              Imagine the outrage if it were the other way around: of course we pay the male Secret Pro. If it makes you feel better we don’t pay the female Secret Pro.

              I personally don’t care either way, but it nicely summarises the double standards in our politically correct society.

              • david__g

                Did you read the part about how much female pros get paid before you decided to be a big ol’ baby babbling about political correctness?

      • Alexander Holbrook

        Sobering to the point that how on earth do you call yourself a Pro athlete. Some instagramers who are endorsed by cycling/triathlon specific brands are making more money than these athletes.

        Out of curiosity, what’s the typical time length for a female professional cyclist? Do many just give up because they can’t make decent $$$ out of it? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case though.

        • david__g

          Looks like you could run a shitty hipster cycling blog running mostly re-purposed stories or puff pieces about your friends and make more money than most of these woman, which is a disgrace, really.

        • ebbe

          Yes, many give up for that reason. Many also give up because there is (or rather, was) no U23 category in women’s cycling. Women move(d) directly from juniors to elite. That’s a very big step to make from one season to the next, and catches many of them out.

  • Valiant Abello

    Better than the Male Secret Pro by miles!

  • Richard Bruton

    female secret pro! didn’t expect the bit at the end. well played

  • massarob

    “There’s also the fact that most of us wouldn’t be able to afford to dope even if we wanted to. We struggle just to pay rent”
    And what about who’s living in fancy Monaco?
    Oh, wait…

    • noob_sauce

      You mean Tiff Cromwell? Lol

      • em3900

        tiff lives in France, she moved down the road from monaco to france so she could afford to stay in the area

    • Rob

      You do know that half pro cyclists live there to train. Mostly supplemented by the team. Their living location doesn’t equate to wealth.

      • massarob

        If you mean “train” = pay less taxes on their income, indeed I know. Same in Switzerland or Andorra. But to make it worth, in Monaco, you, or your team, need a big income. Quite in contrast with women pro typical scenario to stay perfectly on topic (pro, women…).

      • david__g

        Dude, have you seen how expensive Monaco is?

  • Craig

    Nice job! Good to get some inside perspective on the other half of pro cycling. Please keep it up!

  • jules

    great to hear from the FSP again! how funny is that Giro Donna profile?!

    • Hazy78

      There is a lot of vertical exaggeration used by sites like strava. If you looked at vertical height in metres versus distance in metres the Giro Donna profile would probably be correct, even if it doesn’t give the full impact of the climbs.

  • David Simons

    So, someone on the inside seems to think LA doped. Pro cycling, eh?…..

    • jules

      “To be honest, I don’t really know what to think.”

      I doubt CT could publish any assertion of a rider doping. didn’t work out well for Hendo.

      • muz

        def didn’t work out to well for hendy but notice Aru after all his gesticulating and chest beating, did nout…

        • jules

          do you know that? was it settled quietly? might have cost Hendo some money if so

    • douglas

      must be the initials…

  • Warwick Absolon

    Such a great article. Keep them coming.

  • Robert Merkel

    On one of the other topics, I’m surprised Mara Abbott’s descending is so (relatively) poor.

    I would have thought a smart and athlete like her would work on this weakness until she’s at least average at it.

    • Bex

      she crashed early on the descent which took a lot of her confidence (plenty of men have the same affliction pinot, wiggo, & froome a few yrs ago). All the same, 3.5min was a lot to loose; just shows how much she gained on the climb though.

  • Laurens

    Great article, and I second that call for a women’s Tour de France. Would be awesome!
    And as for Lizzie… it’s all a bit too dodgy for me. I have been burnt before trying to ignore the signs because I wanted to believe. Not anymore.

  • Eden Walker

    We all do jobs and those jobs have rules, you break the rules it effects your job. Pro cycling shouldn’t be any different. Yes this is her life and this is her family and this is her job. Perhaps she might have thought about those things before not being available to testing. I’m not saying if Lizzie is dirty or not but if you want to clean sports up you need to punish rule breaking and that includes missing tests.

    Mud sticks and Lizzie has the right to be worried about that but she has no right to be upset. I’m sick and tired of athletes saying they’re clean without acting like.


  • Steve S

    >>> What happened to the petition we all signed asking for there to be a Women’s Tour de France?

    Good question. As a fan, lots of people are waiting for this.

    • exemplary1

      The petition did not include sponsors with their checks attached.

  • Berne Shaw

    Get a science course secret pro! Statistics don’t lie its people who lie or in your case don’t understand them!
    The Garmin vertical scale of altitude is not proportional to the distance scale i.e. It is made to look bigger so you can see it.
    Just look at the numbers its only 300 meters max so little massive climbing.

  • Berne Shaw

    I don’t like the logic and fact checking of this author. If she bothered to read to current facts her assertions are based on speculation not the facts. Anyone can speculate but then we get conspiracy thinking that serves inner biases and yes jealousy mean as that is. It is a known fact that culturally women are far harder on other women than on men. This is due to being raised to unconsciously place men’s needs ahead of their own and to see other women as competition not solidarity. And this is exactly what this article shows. If she bothered to learn the facts of this case she would see her own less than stellar bias. Another example is thendreadedly nasty Pivot. A very good personal insultress who like to chew on her competitors. No Olympic spirit there lol

  • duanegran

    Regarding the race profile image, the top one is technically more to scale. That said I can understand how one might get the impression that the stage was sort of flat since clearly those climbs would be decisive. To me the key missing feature is the lack of a categorization label on the climbs because they both look like they should be cat4 or harder. I see some sort of triangle notation on the second one but the image quality makes it hard for me to tell what it is.

  • Alo

    Interesting. Yes big name riders, with big name salaries,riding for big name teams, from big name countries, seem to get a lot of protection when things go wrong. Others don’t, and get hung out to dry as an example. I think it stinks, but it’s just the sad reality of professional sport I suppose. Vested interests, and all about following the money? I hope not :(

  • velocite

    Interesting and well written FSP. But please outlaw exclamation marks in the future, they add nothing.

  • interesting to read about mara’s descending – she must have worked hard overcame her fears in time for rio as she got down that hill in good time


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017