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  • Nitro

    Fascinating article…

    Am I off base by suggesting that this “proves” (knowing that that’s a contentious statement if ever there was one) that what you have in your legs is (far) more important that what you happen to be sitting on?

    Left Hand Drive Felt may indeed be an excellent track bike – but – for whatever reason(s) – the Brits other margin gains more than made up…

    • JJ

      my god this is the most diplomatic comment I have read in a while, it makes a point but does it in a dignified way. Claps to you good sir!

      • Nitro

        Maybe I missed my calling – should have been a diplomat…

        • philipmcvey

          Hate to say this but.. It may not have been a compliment; Kissenger, Von Ribbentrop, Molotov, Condoleezza Rice, Kevin bloody Rudd.. all diplomats. Whatever your career is it is almost certainly more worthwhile than being a diplomat :)

      • Teresagwallace3

        <<hp.. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!il795r:….,……

  • Andy B

    If I had to choose one.. id take the Scott Spark RC900 thanks

    • Mark Blackwell

      Yep, although not entirely unpredictable, the Olympics have not been kind to Specialized and I imagine that one or two nailed-on S-Works Epic fans will be checking out the spec sheet of the 2017 Scott Sparks

      • philipmcvey

        I’ll be one of them. Time to retire the Epic and the Spark and the Trek Top Fuel are on the shortlist.

        • Andy B

          Top fuel is an excellent bike :)

      • They slackened out the Spark for 2017. All models except for the top end RC models now have 120mm of travel front a rear while the RC models retain the 100mm of travel. The also stock dropper posts on all but the lowest model in the Spark line making more of a trail bike for 2017 than a pure race bike. If you want a 100mm XC race bike you’ll have to go deep in your pockets for an RC model. But initial impressions from those who have rode it are good.

  • Neo

    Just out of curiosity, can CyclingTips add the Connor field’s and Marianna Pajón’s gold medal winning BMX bikes?

  • Stian Pollestad

    Is that a Garmin Edge 25 mounted on Nino Schurters bike?

  • Bert Jones

    Just wondering if anyone knows which specific model Maxxis tires NINO SCHURTER was running on the Scott? Not that it matters for me personally, lol, just curious.


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