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  • George Darroch

    This is an amazing story. I’ll be cheering for him!

    I’d be quite keen to see a crowdfunding site for truly talented riders like this guy. This afternoon I was going to get a cycling jersey that costs more than his monthly wage… I’d happily help someone like this get by.

    • SufferfestMinions

      Hey George- Cheer loudly … he’ll hear it! Actually, the Sufferlandrian community has been hugely instrumental in helping the team and, in this particular case, Phetetso reach their dreams. Phetetso was riding a bike that…let’s just say it wasn’t worthy of the Olympics. So we recently asked Sufferlandrians to help us get him his dream bike for this dream opportunity. Together, they raised more than $7,000 USD — more than enough to get him an awesome bike (thanks, also, to the companies that donated parts) AND help get new equipment for the rest of the team. About a year and a half ago, Sufferlandrians also bought Official ACE-The Sufferfest-Lesotho team jerseys to help buy a bike for our women’s national champion, Likeli, whose bike was stolen.

      • jules

        that’s awesome. well done people.

  • Neil_Robinson

    Nice! I enjoy hearing the struggle of the underdog, so thanks for bringing Phetetso’s story to us.

  • Saeba R.

    Great story

  • misterhorsey

    very inspiring. it’s far too easy to gloss over the sacrifices made by the many olympians, particularly when the parochial media tends to fixate on the achievements of atheletes from your own country to the exclusion of everyone else, but this was a great read. And humbling. Thank you for the story.

  • For those of you who were following, Phetetso broke his chain right at the start. Had to run the first 800m then the officials pulled him from the race because the pit was still 2k away. Heartbreaking.


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