The Velocio Story

Why a pro cyclist created an apparel brand

We’re pleased to welcome the latest cycling brand to join the CyclingTips Emporium: Velocio Apparel.

“Cycling somehow keeps you coming back,” says Kristy. “I started as a pro cyclist, but when I retired I couldn’t quite let go.”

Velocio is the creation of Brad Sheehan (below left) and Kristy Scrymgeour (below right). Scrymgeour, a former professional cyclist and a former Australian national champion, has a diverse resume, having been part of just about every facet of our great sport. From pro cyclist to press officer to team owner to passionate women’s cycling advocate, Kristy can now add “cycling apparel line co-founder” to that list.

“Somehow starting a cycling apparel line seemed like a logical next step. I didn’t have any real experience in the industry, just years of wearing cycling clothing and working with apparel manufacturers for the teams I was involved with.

“That’s where Brad comes in. He is a great designer and also had experience designing for cycling apparel brands.”

Sheehan can boast work as deep and complete as Scrymgeour’s. He’s designed inline collections for other popular cycling apparel brands, created brand identities for professional programs and worked amongst some of the most successful industry companies.

“I’d been working with Brad Sheehan for quite a few years working with design for the original Team Highroad kits,” Scrymgeour explained. “I started talking to him about this gap in the women’s market so we decided to give it a go,” Sheehan had to design and prototype a full collection for racing and training in all weather conditions described Scrymgeour, “It was a lot of work because each piece we designed from scratch but Brad has an amazing capacity to get stuff done and he really drove that process.”

While Velocio initially focussed on the gap in the women’s market through Kristy’s professional team, Velocio-SRAM, the brand is now equally focussed on men’s and women’s apparel.

“Initially we focussed on the women’s market because there just wasn’t enough choice in that department. We wanted to really work on improving the fit and quality for women. We were also designing for the team, Velocio–SRAM, so it made sense to focus on women first.”

Whilst many would be caught up with the stresses and challenges of running a professional cycling team, Velocio-SRAM, Kristy was somehow able to launch a cycling apparel brand at the same time.

“I think the team helped give the brand authenticity from the get go. Whilst providing the riders with clothing we were able to get additional feedback on what they liked and what they didn’t like. That was invaluable on top of our own product testing.

“We now have an equal range for women and men but when prototyping new items we still start with women’s. It’s just something we like to do. Ultimately, our goal is to continually strive to make a better garment by doing things differently. It’s all about fit, feel and performance. We want people to try Velocio and always come back to it because it feels great and makes for a better experience.”

We’re pleased to be featuring Velocio’s men’s and women’s classic jerseys and signature bib shorts in the CyclingTips Emporium. See the range here.

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emorium.