A stunning video by Pas Normal Studios showcasing their 700km journey by bike from Oslo (Norway) to Copenhagen (Denmark)

The following video was produced by Pas Normal Studios on their journey by bike from Oslo to Copenhagen. We’re pleased to be featuring their range of apparel in the CyclingTips Emporium.

Video by Oliver Grenaa | Photos by Ron Olofsson

3 countries, over 700 kilometres and only 3 days. This short video encapsulates the power of the bicycle to break down barriers, explore new territory and form lasting bonds with the people you ride with. Not to mention the healthy spirit of competition between mates.

“I really like to sit in the front and pull, because when I can see the guys are hurting in the back, I get 200% extra.” “I smile when I’m sitting there and all the guys are hurting, and I need to go faster.”

You can read the full feature article here and see more stunning imagery from Ron Olofsson.