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  • Legstrong

    Vos is a real champ. A great ambassador for women’s cycling. Unlike the current world champ…

    • Jessicadrichardson1

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  • Berne Shaw

    They are both human, we all err, the way it was presented the world champ looked bad, but she is clean and a good person.
    We are fortunate to have some stellar women pros. This course was ridiculous. The real problem was not the difficulty but
    the road furniture and the deep gullies and curbs. If you have ever raced you take one look at those and you know you can die.
    Shame on them. Very unacceptable course.

    • James_Casper

      She (I assume Lizzie??) is clean.

      Unfortunately you can’t say that with 100% certainty. Just like no one can say she isn’t.

      I agree about the course. Let’s say Richie Porte or Nibali suffered a career ending injury. I wonder if the lawyers would have a field day in pursuing compensation?

  • Thiago Luz
  • Bicyclists Wife

    Is there a GoFundMe for Annemiek?

  • jh

    She had that race won. So unfortunate to see such a scary fall. I’ll be routing for her.


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