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  • Valiant Abello

    I hope a team picks him up soon. Well deserved victory for him and the team.

  • Owlaugen

    Chapeau, Lachlan!

    • Jenniferehager

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  • bigdo

    man I’m super haply to see this happen for Lachy… He’s taken so much heat for just being himself–a truly down to earth guy and not pretentious in any way… and maybe a guy that blew some races by having 20 beers the night before or rocking up to the start line in Europe after not having ridden his bike in a week… lol.

    Whether you think he’s the epitome of a new age, hipster fucko or just an easy going guy from Oz, there’s no disputing that he did his thing this time out.. chapeau to him. Hopefully there’s more where it came from.

  • blimit

    Come on OBE – how about an Aussie climber to add to the Spaniards 7 a Czech?

  • Luke Bartlett

    in keeping with the aussie-ness, GET AROUND HIM FELLAS

  • Andy B

    Awesome :)
    would love to see someone sign him and give him the chance to target what he wants
    a very unique personality :)

  • Lach

    Hats off to Jelly Belly too! Well done Lachlan, Gus & the Jelly Belly team.


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