Thalita de Jong.
  • Dave

    So long as the key race winners Vos and Niewiadoma (13 of the team’s 22 wins this year between them) haven’t signed elsewhere and are waiting to announce it, a new backer could still get themselves a pretty good team if they came on board now and renewed with all those who are left.

    It wouldn’t be the full powerhouse squad it used to be, but it’s certainly nowhere near being gutted like Velocio was at the end of last year before Canyon signed on in late November.

    • Carolerbedford

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  • david__g

    I’m glad we’ll see more of Thalita during CX season. Both because she’s an exciting rider to watch and it’s nice to see the World Championship stripes on display for more than just a month before the Worlds.


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January 24, 2017
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