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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017

Your Monday Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

August 8, 2016


In your Monday edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Anna van der Breggen takes gold in women’s Olympic road race; Greg van Avermaet sprints to road gold at Rio Olympics; Alberto Contador fires Vuelta warning shot with Vuelta a Burgos victory; Amy Pieters takes Route de France lead with prologue victory; Rui Vinhas wins the Volta a Portugal; Annemiek van Vleuten crashes out of Olympic medal contention in horror fall; Porte, Nibali and Henao all suffer fractures in men’s Olympic road race; Brazilian drug testing programme was halted in Olympics lead-up; Russian athletes banned from the Rio Paralympics; Roadtripping the Mawson Trail – the film.

Anna van der Breggen takes gold in women’s Olympic road race

by Jeanine Laudy

Dutchwoman Anna van der Breggen has won a dramatic, crash-marred women’s road race at the Rio Olympics after outsprinting silver medalist Emma Johansson (Sweden) and bronze medalist Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy) at Fort Copacabana on Sunday.

The USA’s Mara Abbott was an agonising fourth after her late solo dash for the line was thwarted by the three medalists, just 300 metres before the finish.

Abbott had forced a selection on the first part of the day’s final climb, with only Van der Breggen, Johansson, Longo Borghini and Annemiek van Vleuten (Netherlands) able to follow. Van Vleuten attacked on the second half of the last climb, with only Abbott coming across, but when the Dutchwoman crashed on the descent that followed, Abbott was left alone at the front of the race with roughly 10km to go.

The American gave it her all but was reeled in tantalisingly close to the line.

“I purposely restrained myself in the last two kilometres because Emma Johansson is very quick. I gambled. When I saw the 150 metres sign I knew I had to go because my sprint isn’t fast enough to wait any longer,” said Van der Breggen.

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  • Simon Gamble

    Opening up the disc can of worms. Would there have been as many crashes on the Vista Chinesa climb if riders had disc brakes?

    • Nick Clark

      Probably. A race like that and riders are always going to be right on the limit. Chuck in better brakes and that limit it just faster…

    • thomasrdotorg

      Actually it more makes the case for discs + electronic aids like ABS and electronic brake force distribution. This incident shows that while rim brakes have lots of stopping power, in an emergency even the pros can grab too much front brake and take it to the flip.
      Modern motorcycles have lean angle sensors, EBF and ABS that would not allow that much front brake but potentially add more rear brake without rider input. This assistance may not have prevent a crash, but certainly produce a better outcome than a front flip onto one’s head.

    • Dave

      The better control offered by discs might have helped Porte and Henao, but AVV’s crash was all about the horrible line and carrying way too much mid-corner speed.

    • zosim

      van Vleuten got a huge slide on in the corner. My guess is a combination of greasy road surface, reducing radius bend and off camber towards the outside. Everyone knows a corner on their rides that are just dodgy and have to be taken slowly but racing doesn’t really permit that. In her case, given that she locked up wheels trying to get around the corner, I doubt disc brakes would have done much than slow her a bit more before the crash. We didn’t see Porte, Nibali or Thomas crash (ignoring Henao as he hit Nibali) so its hard to say why they went down.

  • Stompin

    Lachlan Morton, hell yeah! Nice1 :)

    • Totally. What a great win. Apparently he hadn’t had any interest from WorldTour teams up until a few days ago. You’d have to think that will change now! He’s had a super year and it would be great to see him back racing at the highest level. The fact Tinkoff and IAM are closing doors makes it hard for him though.

      • Pete

        GreenEdge still need more climbers

        • Seems prima facie like a pretty good fit.

          • Dave

            He would be a pretty big gamble with his history in and out of the sport though, they would have to go for a contract with the minimum WorldTour salary and the rest made up of performance bonuses.

        • claude cat

          Rumors are they are looking Atapuma instead.

          • Dave

            I’d approve of that, he has a huge amount of untapped potential and could turn out to be one of those classic Greenedge ‘diamond in the rough’ signings.

            That bloke they signed just after being told by his doctors that he’d never race again has gone okay for them.

      • AMK3072

        Always harder to get back to the top when you’ve been there before and lost interest.

        Buyer’s market this year, can understand people not taking that risk.

        • Dave

          I can see him getting hung out to dry until some time in December or even January (when teams are done with priority signings and hand out minimum salary contracts to fill up empty slots) if he waits for a WorldTour ride, and nothing is guaranteed even then.

  • Nitro

    Last 2 riders on the Men’s Olympic Road Race classified as “OTL” ? I’m sure its obvious, but I cant work out the acronym.

    • sps12321

      over time limit was my guess

      • Dave


        They time limit would have been 29:36 and they finished at 31:47 behind. They would have lost a fair chunk of that time on the final loop so there was no off-course shortcut to go back to the finish, and Fisher probably wanted to ride across the finish line at a rare home race even if he wouldn’t be classified.

        Two of the women finished OTL too, again including one of the Brazilian riders.

    • RayG

      Over the limit? Part of WADA’s new roadside breath-testing program.

  • thomasrdotorg

    Has Gerro apologised for Talansky’s loss? He wants him to APOLOGISE!

    • Tinaabanks4

      <<s:u. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bz178a:….,…

    • James_Casper



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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017