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Your Thursday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

August 18, 2016

In your Thursday CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Maikin wins photo finish in Tour du Limousin; Landa to miss Vuelta with injury; Young British talent Geoghegan Hart signs two year deal with Team Sky; Competitors ask questions about Team GB’s Rio track success; British Cycling head offended by accusations; Cavendish threatens legal action, later admits fault in points race crash; Sagan on racing the Olympic MTB race; People form human chain to protect hit cyclist; Unpacking the Dan Craven internet sensation; Cyclist given one-year ban after TUE denied; Internet lights up after Rio keirin final debacle; J.K Rowling weighs in on points race; Meet the only female mechanic on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour

Maikin wins photo finish in Tour du Limousin

by CyclingTips

Stage 2 of the Tour du Limousin ended in a field sprint, but almost in drama, as an early celebration from Roman Maikin (Gazprom-RusVelo) nearly turned on him with Sonny Colbrelli (Bardiani – CSF) throwing his bike on the line and forcing the judges to go to the photo finish. Fortunately for Maikin, the result went his way. Francesco Gavazzi (Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec) finished in third.

The stage’s main breakaway of Benoit Cosnefroy (AG2R La Mondiale), Romain Le Roux (Armee de Terre), Flavien Dassonville (HP BTP – Auber93) and Anthony Delaplace (Fortuna Velo Concept) were always within reach, with the peloton led first by race leader Joey Rosskopf’s BMC team, and then Cofidis looking for a result with Nacer Bouhanni. Direct Energie was also present working for Bryan Coquard.

With less than 5km to go the break was caught and a kilometre later attacks flew off the front, but the Cofidis team was on the front, chasing everything down. But Bouhanni was no where to be found and the sprint was up for grabs.

Stage 2: Dun-le-Palestel > Auzances - Stage Result

Wednesday 17th August 2016

1. ru
2. it
Bardiani - CSF
3. it
GAVAZZI Francesco
Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec

Today’s feature image comes from the Rio Olympic men’s keirin.

  • ShayneV

    Wasn’t it Vogel who called the Poms ‘cannon fodder’, not Meares?

    • Mark Zalewski

      Yes, it’s clarified now.

  • So a rider got a reduced ban ‘because’ she’d applied for a TUE, despite it being unsuccessful? Wouldn’t that make her get more liable, not less?

    • Dave

      If you read the actual USADA statement, the key phrase is:

      “USADA accepted Verrando-Higgins’ explanation that she used the substance with a prescription under the care of a licensed physician for therapeutic purposes and without the intent to enhance her athletic performance.”

      This is worth a 50% reduction in the sanction, which I assume was already reduced to two years due to her accepting guilt and cooperating with the process. These % discounts apply on top of each other, and can be reduced right down to a suspension of just a few months (e.g. Simon Yates getting four months) if enough of them stack up.

      The ITF gave the same 50% reduction to Maria Sharapova earlier this year, which I expect was not so much about the actual circumstances (the explanation was a load of horseshit) but more about deciding that they’d be better off with a two year ban that sticks than with a four year ban being subject to appeal.

  • Dave

    The cyclocross national championships are on this coming weekend, at the same time as one of the few remaining NRS races.

    CA might want to add this to their list of things to review along with their Olympic team performance.

    • Gavin Adkins

      It baffles me that CA does not seem to have much of a relationship with Cyclingtips as most CA-related stories seem to be going to Cyclingnews. Perhaps it is an editorial decision but I’m guessing that if CA provided more or less ready-to-go content most of it would get a run. Also, given they are both based in Melbourne I would have thought Nick Green would have bought Wade Wallace a lunch or two by now.

      • Dave

        I was making a comment more about the piss poor timing of having the national CX championships on the same weekend as one of the few national-level road races left on the domestic calendar, not about CT shifting their attention to the US.

        But yes, CA’s poor communications probably need to be improved as well as their running/ruining of domestic-level cycling.

        • nikcee

          To be fair… CX champs (and CX on a national level) are actually run by MTBA.
          Given the ‘relationship’ between the two I’d guess if the clash was even noticed it wasn’t even in consideration.

      • It’s nothing intentional. We’ve certainly reached out to CA for any help they need, but we’ve also tried publishing their race reports and very few people read them. Very few. Publications such as CN publish content every 2hrs, and they go on quantity more than quality. We find that if it doesn’t do most of you any good, it doesn’t serve us either.

        • Tony Abbott

          I agree, I come to Cycling Tips for the quality and think this is what sets it apart from its competitors.

        • Gavin Adkins

          Interesting. Thanks for the reply.

        • James_Casper

          Disagree Wade. CN are not a valuable service. Used to be – aeons ago.

          • I hope they’re able to turn that around. I’m not keen on filling any gaps they leave if they were to vanish. It’s an expensive and vast operation they’re running, and sadly their business model of banner ads and affiliate links will only support them for only so long. That said, they still have the largest traffic in cycling, so they’re not going anywhere soon.

            • James_Casper

              Quality of quantity any day Wade.

              CN might be the “TdF” of cycling sites, doesn’t mean it’s the best. ?

  • Laurens

    I hope Cav retires now. Don’t like his attitude one bit.

    • James_Casper

      Or he has a late growth spurt – that would help him get rid of his syndrome.

  • Carytb

    One of the reasons for the British success in the Olympics is the focus for the training appears to be solely getting Gold in them. They are incredibly well funded from our national lottery and the level of that funding depends 100% on Olympic performance. World championships, Commonwealth games, World Cup events appear to be nice for them to win but the ONLY thing that matters is Olympic Gold. Some years ago our swimmers performed poorly at the Olympics and the funding was cut dramatically for the next 4 year cycle. It tends to concentrate the mind.

  • Crompensation

    Im interested if anyone has compared peter sagan to the mtb guys. On just power, ftp and watts per kg. To see if his its his bike handling skill or power which is the reason why he can win or loses the mtb Olympic race

    • I’m no coach, but I’d guess that it would be a difficult thing to compare by numbers alone. I’m sure if you put them on an ergo, Sagan would win every time. But combined with the build up of explosive efforts, tactics, handling efficiency, etc, I don’t think Sagan has a hope in finishing in the top half.

      • Crompensation

        It would be interesting to see how many watts. That skill tactics and handling can make up for. Or even if Sagan would have an advantage over the other guys in the power department.

        • Crompensation

          What sort of ftp would the top mtb guys have compared to the top road riders


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