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  • Alex

    How does the salary range of a superstar CX racer compare to a road racer? The best road guys seem to be making between $1-4M USD a year. Do we have any information on Wout’s salary?

    • Neal Rogers

      It’s no secret CX racers earn less; that’s why Lars Boom and Zdenek Stybar left CX for the road. Superstar CX racers earn considerably less than superstar road racers, but are paid similarly to a well-paid road racer. Given that Wout is Belgian, where CX reigns supreme, I’d guess his salary (sponsorship, appearance fees, prize money) is low seven figures (or very high six figures.) Same for Sven Nys, in his final years, and Mathieu van der Poel.

    • Admittedly it was 2013 but apparently Stybar was offered €500,000 (plus an estimated €3-400,000 in prize money and appearance fees) by Telenet-Fidea but turned it down. It was more than he was being paid by OPQS at the time, but when you hear of the top road guys being on seven figures it’s easy to see why CX superstars make the transition.

  • david__g

    After last night, I think he is being modest and conservative about how many races he can win.

    • winkybiker

      Yep. He could win most of the races he enters. i.e. 20+

  • don donny only

    Im still surprised there is less mention of the race where he finished second to niki terpstra amongst some very strong competition, again a really exciting race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BosoKajLw_I


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