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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • jules


  • tbonetone

    What a dickhead. Throws a cloud over all previous performances.

    • Dianebflemming4

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  • Chris Lee

    Confirmed…Anyone who has ever beaten me is most likely doping more than I am. Check this little gimp armed cheat as a prime example.

    • Darren Yearsley

      Oh my. I laughed out loud. Comment of the week. Possibly month.

      • Pete

        You weren’t the only one to laugh. It seems this is too touchy for the moderator.

        • We don’t mind if people are upset by the news, but we will be deleting any abusive or offensive comments.

          • Pete

            I don’t recall writing anything abusive or offensive.

            • You didn’t. I was referring to the original comment which we’ve since deleted.

  • Chris Lee

    Further “He is well known in his home state of Victoria where he often races against able-bodied athletes, often with considerable success.” Want to know why he got considerable success? The fucker was cheating.

  • mt

    If confirmed- so sad; the risk of getting caught, public and personal deception vs giving it your best, still being exceptional at Olympic level but perhaps not medalling….Is the pressure that high? … Damn! I’ve watched ( and admired him) at Crit races… were those results clean?

    • Sean Doyle

      Not the pressure of anyone but his own ego really.

  • De Mac

    Not too sure what to say here, other than wow… This is a terrible situation and could only bring thoughts of anger & disappointment for a great many amateurs I know who have raced against him week in and week out, not to mention the pall now cast over what could be described as a fantastic palmares….

    • John Murphy

      They were probably like “Man what a dope for not properly microdosing.”

  • ebbe

    “Cycling Australia CEO Nick Green was made aware of the adverse analytical finding by ASADA this morning,” and they publish a statement announcing the ban the same day? Seems UKAD could learn a thing or two from ASADA

  • DM

    Trying to peak for Glenvale?

    • jules

      I’d say so crit season not far off, can’t be a coincidence

    • Baz


  • Baz

    But us Aussie are all clean right? haha. Nice guy who was strong as an Ox. Interested to know how long he had been on the PO

    • jules

      just the one error of judgment I’d say

      • Sean Doyle


      • David9482

        No chance, haha. Has he been riding a lot better this year than in the past? If his performance is anything comparable to the past, then it’s likely he’s always done this.

        • Baz

          He has been riding strong for the last few years, but who knows. Just interested to know how much and how long he has been hitting it and where he was getting it.
          It’s hilarious really, but then again I do know of guys smashing it when those one day a week Tatts Cup races were on many years ago. Cyclists: we are crazy and desperate ( some more than others).

      • choppy

        well, that is what stuey has told him to say! he posted a comment on twitter claiming he was clean in london. didnt deny anything.

        “Michael Gallagher @MickeyG4444 21h21 hours ago
        @J_Butterworth86 I know my credibility isn’t worth shit right now. But you definitely not cheated by me in London.”



  • Robert Merkel

    Terribly disappointing.

    I hope it’s not indicative of more widespread doping in the Victorian amateur scene.

    I don’t know what his day job is, but I can’t imagine it’ll be helpful if the first thing anybody finds when they Google him for the rest of his life is “drug cheat” (assuming that the AAF sticks – there is a still of course a chance there’s been some awful screwup, but history suggests that’s a small chance).

    I just feel sad for him, those that have supported him, and the riders who’ve raced against him over the years. Were they beaten by doping?

    • David9482

      Agreed, this is terrible. From an outsider’s point of view, there’s very little chance this was his first ever offense. It sounds like the testing was a surprise and he didn’t expect to be tested this early in the season. Plus, it sounds like the testing was a precaution and that it didn’t happen in prior Olympic cycles.

    • Ritch

      Unfortunately, if there’s a list of people that I feel sad for, the accused is at the very bottom of the list, if on it at all. Now my non cycling friends think I take drugs… thanks for nothing.

      • James_Casper

        Only now???

        • Ritch

          Yes, my friends actually like me.

          • Mark Wells

            Its true we do

          • James_Casper

            You only become acquainted with your friends in the last 6 months?

            You telling me that this Paralympian done more damage and LA & Co.?

            Interesting .

            • Ritch

              My friends understand that I do local masters racing, not professional. They are unsurprised to hear of a pro testing positive, but would think that weekend local competition is drug free, at least until now. Of course, Mick is slightly different to the usual local racer, but not as different from me as the current crop of pro riders. The damage I’m highlighting isn’t to the greater good of cycling, it is the direct association I personally have as a result of overlapping level of competition.

              The natural question arises of who else is doping and hasn’t been caught. Is this rife or just a one off and since I’m in the group that would previously have been thought to be clean (why would anyone dope to win a crit?) even asking the question tells you that damage has been done.

              I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were seeking clarification rather than being a sanctimonious internet commenter so I hope you are so informed.

              • Marc

                I’m racing at local club level as well and unfortunately there are riders doping just to win a crit at club level. Or doping to just get a placing. It’s sad but it’s true.

    • velocite

      Yes, it would seem unlikely that this guy is the only one. ASADA shouldn’t just consider Gallagher, they should mount a serious investigation into his suppliers and advisors and to wherever that leads – and then publish a ‘reasoned decision’.

  • winkybiker

    Prat. Ban him for life.

  • Daniel Hennessy

    I was infield when he set the MMAS2 IP world record in 2014. MMAS2

    3:20.940 . Something didn’t seem right. Wasn’t even puffing afterwards. Then this April our TP lost the Australian Masters TP championships as he towed around his mates for another impressive time. about 3.21. I wonder how long this has been going on. Time for CA to start testing at Important masters events

  • Michael Day

    Why do we say, “If confirmed …” It is already confirmed by the A sample. The B sample is only there if the athlete wants to reject the finding. That’s why disqualification happens on A sample and not B. B sample will only be tested if the athlete says he wants it done.

  • choppy

    I have watched him ride away in awe on some days (club and regional). Turns out that they may have been the “afterGLOW form” days. Pretty disappointed for club level cycling, para sport and cycling more generally. I don’t understand how winning when you know you have cheated is satisfying. You would always know that you cheated, you cant cheat your own mind.

    • jules

      I don’t get it either. but I guess that’s one reason I don’t have the commitment and mentality to be as good as those guys. apart from the lack of talent. and drugs.

    • Cyco

      choppy, these guys don’t see it as cheating, that’s why you don’t get it, and its why ASADA’s marketing bumf for athletes is a total waste of time, they don’t get it either.

      They guys are just taking one more step in doing ‘what it takes’ to be the best. It starts with the training, the diet, the massage, the stretching, the legal supplements, then moves to the illegal stuff. This isn’t a black and white like, its more a shades of grey type thing, also the likelihood of it is he also probably thinks he is just ‘levelling the playing field’ against the Russians, and all the others on the juice in the Para ranks, because they almost never get tested. I’ve got a swag of Para Nats medals, and have never seen the testers there.

      In the early 90s I wanted to turn pro and win the Tour (like most cycling obsessed teenagers), but was advised that if I was on the juice here to get there then I could never make it over there, against all the guys juiced up to the eyeballs. As I wouldn’t be able to step up to their level, so I raced clean, and didn’t make it, but realised that if I wanted to win the TdF back then then it wasn’t so much drugs were illegal, but that they were part of the ‘job description’ to win the major races, and that it was my responsibility to look after my health while taking them.

      • choppy

        I agree with what you say for the pro scene. They are under pressure and I could see how one would convince themselves they are leveling the competition and livelihoods are at stake. But Michael G did 95% of his racing at club level and is 38 years old. Hardly a pro or going to get a pro contract. He is just cheating his friends* that race with him each week (*may no longer be!). And if he claims (as he has done) that he was clean in london when he won gold, why would he need to dope for Rio. He shouldn’t have needed any “leveling”of the field. I suspect that this was not the first time.

        • jules

          maybe I’m being too generous but is it possible to get EPO in Australia for doping? I know it’s easier in Europe, where he was caught

          • choppy

            I believe it’s easy if you are that way inclined. A gym junkie told me that the same steroid importers/sellers can get whatever dodgy sportspeople want. Brought in the same way. Pretty easy for cops to close these pathways via under cover agents but it seems they dont care about it too much. A shame for all sports really. Apart from that, in theory it only takes one dodgy doctor to prescribe EPO to an “anaemic” rider (or rider’s friend) and away you go. The EPO, sorry AMGEN, tour of california seems to be promoting the latter as far as I can see. Why else would a company (AMGEN) that only makes and distributes a few types of EPO and not much else sponsor a pro cycling race. A joke. Maybe they think that because cyclist look so thin and gaunt they are anaemic and they want them to use AMGEN EPO rather than one of the other brands.

            • Gavin Adkins

              Amgen have a number of other products and its EPO product is not its best selling product.

              • choppy

                yes, they diversified their product lines in recent years (nearly all blood related products though). The company was formed on EPO and derivataives as their first products. These are still their mainstay products. Usually provided for chemo patients but somehow marketed through the Tour of California!

          • Andy B

            on the dark web you can get anything.

        • shane lai

          easy to explain the psychology. it just meets the threshold for each persons risk vs rewards equation. ask yourself this – would a B student cheat on an exam? not cheating wouldnt put them at risk of failure. cheating still wouldnt propel them to the top of the class either. say, given notes scribbled on a kids desk on a test, would they sneak a peak? absolutely

  • Maree Parker

    unfortunately the decision to take the illegal substance was a very poor choice and only hoping that due to the fairly strct testing over the recent years it was the only time but sadly whilst tgere are many comments and you are all entitled to say what you feel remember he has a family and it also affects them greatly
    we must be careful and i hope he comes out to make a public statement and apologize
    a very sad day not just for cycling and a reminder that we make our choices so no one else is to blame

  • choppy

    Apparently there are a few different suggested cycles for EPO injections and training intensity weeks. The “Hampton cycle” is not a good one, you go fast but not fast enough to escape ASADA.
    On the up side there might be some top shelf cycling gear for sale on ebay soon.

  • John Murphy

    Did he forget to take it at night like everyone else?


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017