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  • AMK3072

    Does anyone actually think he will ever change?

  • donncha

    Absence makes the arse grow rounder…

  • Daniel Madden

    Him and how many extra kilos?

  • Waste of space

    • Verarpotter3

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  • Valiant Abello

    As a Colombian, and a huge fan of his potential, I would love to see him win again, and root for him to do so. Him and Nairo, in top shape, on the same team? Yes please. I do, however, echo what the Colombian media have insinuated for a while, he simply appears to have no heart for what it takes, and is wasting his talents and his opportunity. An opportunity that would be far better given to another Colombian rider, wiling to work, and bleed.


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October 22, 2017
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