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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • Hyun-ji Song

    I hope he does well, but if he does win I do hope he’ll be doing a lot of visible races. Dont want to see the rainbow jersey disappear. It’d be a good experience for him either way anyway!

  • Hugh Davis

    If Ewan takes this years WC I will utterly lose my sh*t!

  • Kieran Degan

    Renshaw would be a great support. Australia has a number of good roulers who could look after him throughout. Will be interesting to see who gets picked, surely Gerrans will be given a rest. Matthews? It would be hard not to pick him, but I don’t like his chances on a super flat course.

    • Dave

      Matthews would be a great pick, as a swingman who can race aggressively and get into a classics-style front group or work for Ewan

      It all depends on whether they gamble on Ewan for the Elite race or take the safe option of having him as one of the favourites for the U23 race which is now open to professionals.

  • Dave

    Don’t take too much from Ewan’s victory in London, there’s no way that Greipel was giving it anywhere near full noise and Cav was not contesting it as he was riding as a domestique for Cummings.

    I don’t think this year’s world championship race is going to come down to a big bunch sprint dominated by long leadout trains anyway. It’s not a Tour stage where lots of teams will want it to come to the finish together for numerous reasons.

    The Germans and Brits will want to have a good look at a replay of the 2012 Olympic Road Race, where Greipel and Cav got to sprint for 27th place because everyone else had a better chance with their riders in the break.

    Australia should pick a split team – half to race aggressively, half to shelter a sprinter.

    • Crompensation

      Agreed. Only Germany, Great Britain and maybe France and Australia will have sprinter leadout training the rest of the world will try and blow it apart

    • Yeah, bit of a strange week for Greipel. Bossed the first sprint, got into a couple of breaks and then on the final stage Lotto kinda fooled everyone when Debusschere took a flyer from the front of the train.

      Obviously just a prep race but I think everybody assumed there’d be a big showdown at some point during the week. Just never came.

  • James_Casper

    Cummings will win it by a lone 167 km breakaway.

    • Dave

      If he gets selected ahead of all the Sky riders!

  • Arden

    This kid is special. Wish him all the best. He will win tour stages.

  • Mike

    I like the name Caleb. Sounds like a southern-states USA gentleman who lives on a tobacco plantation with his wife Blanche, wears white lycra and wins bike races for a hobby. I predict a sharp rise in the number of children blessed with this name.

  • winkybiker

    Is it just me or has he eased up a bit on the super-low position? It was kind of silly.

    • Maybe not as extreme as it was but in London he was certainly lower than the guys he was up against

  • Common Wombat

    Doubt he’ll have the engine to make it to the finish if they race this hard nor the capacity to hold on should the wind become a factor and echelons formed. Whilst Matthews would not be favoured in a full bunch sprint, he has the engine (and now the racing nous) to survive a hard race and in a reduced finish, he is far more of a factor.

    Not sure Ewan & OBE will end up being a long term relationship given their pivot towards GC. He’s never going to climb well enough to become a puncheur or be a major classics contender or be more than really a bunch kicks man. Being the latter, he’s realistically going to be too resource-intensive to take to a GT where you have a major GC focus. The likes of Cort or a Matthews etc require far less support; have the survivability in the mountains Ewan lacks; have the power & engine to have genuine domestique utility.

    Not saying that Ewan CANNOT have a meaningful career, just that OBE is unlikely to be that. Come 2 years time, he and his management should be looking at teams where bunch sprints ARE their “bread and butter”/where they are looking for results.

    • Dave

      OBE still need second tier riders to get results for them at all the other races which are going on parallel to the grand tours, no problem keeping Ewan for that sort of role. Next year’s WorldTour schedule will have 34 races other than the grand tours, plus lower level races that the team will enter for promotional purposes such as the Herald-Sun race, Tour of Britain etc.

      There were eight riders at OBE who didn’t get to race a grand tour this year, so no problem adding Ewan to that part of the team for next year.

      I agree that they shouldn’t bother breaking the bank to keep him next time his contract is up. Save that for Chaves, A&S Yates and the key support riders.


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017