• jules

    boy are we lucky that stuff doesn’t happen here in Australian cycling!

    • Dave

      Correct. It’s our domestic races that are collapsing, not our international races.

  • Chuck6421

    Muchas gracias, Gustavo.
    One needs to either be a Spanish speaker (which I’m hardly), or dig pretty deep in the webs to glean background on the fascinating Mr. Quintana. This provides a lot and I look forward to more. We easily get to know (sometimes too well) the American, Euro and Australian athletes and what makes them who they are, but South America, and Asia remain black holes of in-depth information.

  • Neil_Robinson

    Nice article Gustavo.

    For anyone wanting further reading, Klaus @ Alps and Andes has also written a lot on Colombian cycling. (http://www.alpsandes.com/)

  • Herrera’s hat game is razor sharp.

    • Cameron Harris

      So much lüft.


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