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  • Bent

    By far the best podcast episode as of now! Really, really interesting from a cyclist and business perspective as well.
    Would love to hear more insights from professionals of the market like marketing managers of big bike brands (maybe ones with a WT team) or guys like Matthew Beaudin who handle pro teams from a communication perspective.

    • James Huang

      Thanks, and thanks for the suggestions! We’re always keeping our eyes and ears open for podcast ideas so we’ll keep those in mind.

  • Crompensation

    Yeah. great podcast. Great insight into why your bike has the parts it does

  • Haven’t tried re-downloading it yet, but I’ve got about a minute of missing audio, ~28:34-29:25

    • James Huang

      Yep, heard there was a glitch in the editing process. If you re-download it, it should be fine now. Sorry!

      • Awesome, thanks! Enjoying the episode plenty so far. And in general, this has quickly become one of my more eagerly anticipated podcasts, great work, and love the range of topics.

        • James Huang

          Glad to hear you like them! If you have any ideas for future episodes, certainly feel free to let us know.

  • Hamish Moffatt

    Interesting discussion. Thanks. I was a bit turned off by the first few minutes of wow, 3T is great, Felt is great, and there’s no innovation in bikes outside of America though….

    • James Huang

      I don’t recall any mention about innovation outside of the US, although to be fair, I don’t remember every detail of the conversation and haven’t had a chance to listen to the edited podcast myself yet! In any event, yes, Dave perhaps went on a bit too long about the wonders of 3T and Felt but what can I say – Dave has always been quite the talker, which can sometimes seem rambling but also makes him a great interview subject.

      • Mike Williams

        I also question whether there are a “1000 parts” on a bike…he’s a bit hyperbolic.

        • James Huang

          Perhaps, but probably not as much as you might think. If he really was breaking things down to individual pieces of hardware, the BOM grows considerably.

        • lowlander

          Tell you what though… when he started dissecting negotiating price on printing warning labels (or whatever) on individual components my mind was blown. If things at that level start being treated as ‘parts’ the number goes through the roof.

          I’m sure someone out there is tracking cost/perforation for those little holes in your bar tape…

  • Warwick

    Fascinating subject and so mind boggling all the variables Dave had to consider. Loving these tech podcasts, perfect for long drives!

  • Russell

    Great podcast episode. Keep them coming.

  • Mike Williams

    As someone who has run product management for tech companies, I found this talk very interesting. But what struck me was how little value the bike manufacturer adds to the components. My products were highly differentiated so we didn’t care as much about the cost of goods (we pretty well left this up to the contract manufacturer) because our margins came from our unique technology. The cost-price relationship in the bicycle business is way more critical…these guys must be spreadsheet wizards.

  • Mike Williams

    Great interview…he really knew his stuff. I totally agree that B2C can be the game changer. In my case, let me order the parts I want at OEM prices and I’ll build the bike I really want myself.

  • Mark Blackwell

    CT has always been fantastic at ferreting out interesting stories that others don’t seem to consider… great to see that the podcast is going the same direction. Great work!

  • winkybiker

    Very interesting indeed.


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