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July 28, 2017
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July 25, 2017

Your Monday Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

September 19, 2016


In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Peter Sagan wins the inaugural European Championships road race; Anna van der Breggen wins at the European Championships; Fernando Gaviria takes out the Primus Classic Impanis – Van Petegem; Joe Cooper and Lucy Kennedy win at the National Capital Tour; Iranian Paralympian dies after road race crash; Tour de l’Avenir winner David Gaudu signs with FDJ; Ben Swift leaves Team Sky for TJ Sport/Lampre setup; Kirsten Wild signs with Cylance for 2017; Driver high-fives their mate after dooring a cyclist.

Peter Sagan wins the inaugural European Championships road race

by CyclingTips

Peter Sagan’s stellar 12 months have continued with the world champion winning the inaugural elite European road race championships in France over the weekend.

Racing for his home nation of Slovakia, Sagan comfortably beat Julian Alaphilippe (France) and Dani Moreno (Spain) in an uphill sprint to the line in Plumelec.

“I’m extremely happy to be the first ever European Road Champion and it’s an honour for me to take the Slovak colors to the highest spot of the podium,” Sagan said. “As expected, it was a long and tough race, but in the final lap my legs were strong and I thought I had what it took to jump at the opportunity when it arose.

“I waited until I felt the timing was right to attack and take my chance, although it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated work of all my Slovak teammates. I dedicate this victory to them as well as the entire country of Slovakia and I congratulate all riders of Tinkoff for their effort in this European Championship.”

The early running was made by a group of four that got clear early in the circuit race. A series of moves came with 50km to go as the last of the attackers was brought within a minute. The race was eventually brought back together in the closing laps before Sagan made his move around the last corner, powering to a commanding victory.

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  • velocite

    I’ve broken multiple bones coming off bicycles, but I’ve never been doored. I am reinforced in my desire never to be by that Illinois video – it’s quite chilling the way the rider falls out into the traffic. It would be interesting to follow this one up if a case goes to court.

    • Bex

      yep, i always worry when i’m in a bunch and the left hand line of our group rides very close beside the parked cars. going solo i make sure to ride far enough away that an open door won’t get me. I’ve still had a couple of near misses and that’s just proven that’s it better to cop a toot or two than to ride in the door area.

  • Someone missed a dad joke opportunity with the text of the winning team at the National Capital Tour:
    “1-2 in stage 3 for 4-member team High5”

  • Mark Blackwell

    Sickening to watch that dooring video… high five or not, the way the rider’s face smacks into the door frame is horrible.

  • winkybiker

    The dooring is unforgivable and sickening, but the high-five seems to me to be more a signal of friendship and support than some sort of celebration of the event.

    • That definitely seems possible.

    • mcalista

      Also it is some 30 minutes later, going by the timestamp on the CCTV, and the high five is initiated by the driver’s friend, not the driver.

      While I’m pretty concerned about the actions of the police officer, I just can’t get myself worked up about the high five,

      • Mark Zalewski

        Yes, the actions (or inaction) of the police officer (a supervisor, no less) letting the driver go without any citation is causing more of an outrage here in Chicago than anything. The community here sought out the driver after the phone number given turned out to be wrong. As of Friday the driver had come forward.

  • Rob

    Does the winner of the European Champs get a particular jersey or logo/banding for the year?

    • jules

      they get some prizemoney paid out in Greek drachma

      • Rob

        Baked goods and beer perhaps? :)

    • Dave

      Yes to a jersey, but the UCI rules say nothing about piping for former continental champions like they allow for former world/national champions. I’m not sure of which design will apply, as the ones presented on the podium this year were very different to the ones we’ve seen in previous years – e.g. Kasia Niewiadoma here…

      It might be a design change for 2016, or it might be a case of the podium presentation jersey being different to the regular one.

      Wearing a continental champion’s jersey is not mandatory like the world/national champion’s jersey is, so Sagan could ride in either of the European jersey or in normal Bora-hansgrohe colours. That’s all assuming that he doesn’t defend his world championship or take his national championship back from Juraj!

      This year is the first time there have been elite races for the European Road Championships, so I guess that means Niewiadoma will no longer be allowed to get away with wearing her W23 European Champion’s jersey (which she defended on the weekend by being the first W23 rider in the combined WE/W23 race) in elite races.

    • Sean

      Possibly – The euro CX champs wore (Lars Van der Haar & Sanne Cant) both wore blue euro champ skinsuits this year, so why not for the road also?

      • Dave

        Wearing a continental champion’s jersey is optional for the rider.

        For Sagan, it’s irrelevant for the rest of 2016 as a world champion’s jersey is a higher priority.

        There’s a fair chance that AvdB might not get a choice at certain races, as she’ll probably be wearing the Women’s WorldTour leader’s jersey at a few races next year.

        • Rondje

          I believe that they aren’t optional anymore but mandatory. Heard something like that when Lars vd Haar won his (maybe it differs between RR and CX). Also the first year for pro’s to be able to win the EC, so thats why we never seen it before.

    • Tim Ashton

      I believe so. Patrick Lefevre was having a rant the other day about having to put new logos on his team jerseys and covering up sponsor logos etc

  • Kieran Degan

    Heartbreaking news about the para-olympian. Very tragic.

    • MattHurst

      What was the circuit? I am assuming it wasn’t the same descent as the men’s/women’s road circuit from olympics 1.

  • AMK3072

    Did anyone miss the time cut at the National Tour?


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017