Rocket7 custom shoes
  • velocite

    Good honest process. Thanks for the run down.

  • Milessio

    Great photography of the craftsmanship.

  • Legstrong

    GVA might be the only pro (that had a lot of exposure) that consistently wear Rocket7 this year. Boonen wore a pair of Rocket7 in the beginning of this season and later he switched back to S-Works 6. He won Brussels Cycling Classic on custom painted S-Works 6.

  • Il_falcone

    Great article, James! Thank you.

  • Lyrebird_Cycles

    Really interesting, thanks. The last pic in the series on the sole prep appears to show it infilled with XPU foam. This isn’t mentioned in the text, presumably it’s there to fill in the gaps between the sole itself and the cleat insert and provide an even foot bed?

    Love that they use West 105.

    • James Huang

      Yep, correct (although I’m not sure exactly what type of foam is used). Otherwise, the surface underneath the footbed would end up being a bit lumpy.

      As for the epoxy, I was mostly happy that they had an extra respirator on hand while I was there for the photo shoot ;)

      • Lyrebird_Cycles

        XPU (eXpanded PolyUrethane) is pretty distinctive, also that’s what the label on the dispenser says (next to the epoxy in one of the previous shots).

        • James Huang

          Good on know, on both counts. As for the smell specifically, I guess I really can’t comment since I wasn’t able to smell anything at all through the respirator anyway.

  • Rob Biddlecombe

    I am amazed this company is still in buisness. I paid over $700.00 in full for a paid of custom shoes, as my feet are wide and all the new shoes I tried on were too narrow. Month after month went by. They would not talk to me over the phone. They said they would only talk to the bike shop they were ordered from. But when I went to the shop and they called when I was also on the phone, still they refused to even talk. They said they would call back. But the never once did. After 8 months and many unresponsive phone calls, I asked for my money back. ( I found out that Sidi made Mega wide width shoes.) They refused because they said they had already started the work. 4 Months and more phone calls, still no shoes or explanation . Then one day the shop got a check in the mail, with no explanation. When we called them they had no comment. No apologies. I got 2 pairs of Sidi shoes and 3 sets of pedals with that money. Their service was not bad, but non existent. Worst consumer experience I’ve ever had. If you are considering this outfit BEWARE !

    • Il_falcone

      If that’s the truth and the whole story than that’s really alarming. Thanks for sharing.

    • John Murphy

      What about e-mail? I imagine they don’t have the manpower to talk on the phone all day, got shoes to make.

  • Arden

    Tried to order some last year. Never got a response. Bought Bont instead.

  • winkybiker

    I find it a bit odd to not use pre-preg carbon and vacuum bagging for the composite work.

    • James Huang

      I asked Jaskiewicz about this, and it basically came down to cost. Rocket7’s volumes are apparently so small that they can’t justify the expense of investing in the equipment. Pre-preg also has a finite shelf life, unlike dry carbon, which can be stored indefinitely at ambient temps.

      • winkybiker



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