• onelegmatt


    Some edits are needed.

    “…has now officially been confirmed as the winter.”

    The last paragraph need a closing parenthesis.

    • Shane Stokes

      oops, thanks! :)

  • Paper Back Rider

    But what about the birds, what happened to them?

  • ebbe

    So… Still no reasoned decision? We still aren’t told whether (for instance) the bike was set to measure (seat hight among other things) for Femke Van Den Driessche, or for Nico Van Muylder? We still don’t know whether it was a previous year’s model or a current (at the time) one? We still don’t know who executed, and (most importantly) who commissioned the installation of the motor? We still haven’t seen footage of earlier races where that specific bike (with the massive downtube) was used? It’s been eight months. Have the UCI just kept this info hidden for all these months, or have I missed something?

  • Lunada Bay Boys

    Are there pictures of the motor? So many motorized bicycles!


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