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  • H.E. Pennypacker

    I’ve been impressed with the Tour of Utah’s online experience, which you mentioned. Race streamed live for free, live GPS tracking and route profile, and live leaderboard. Hopefully others will take note and get on board. With the big World Tour races, there are so many interests at play that it seems like it’s harder for them to pull this off than it is for the mid-tier races like Utah, despite the mid-tier races having fewer resources.

    • Daphinelmoore2

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  • touristeroutier

    Biometrics are gravy, but will only appeal to the “geeks”. How about shoring up the main course first? A reliable high quality stream or broadcast that is easy to get to and doesn’t drop out? How about commentators that actually know what they are talking about and can identify riders reliably? How about km to go fixed in the corner (like only Sporza seams to offer)? How about on screen graphics that call out team names rather than focus on nationality, as this is more important outside of world/ the Olympics? How about directors who cut to the right camera when the moves are being made, rather than after it is up the road? And let’s not forget about cutting to commercials when action is happening… The, let’s get highlight shows produced and uploaded, along with having easy access to rebroadcasts of the whole event and/or produced shows for those that can’t watch it live, and post them in a manner that doesn’t create spoilers; nothing like having to see the results posted before you get to the replays…

    Get these right, and add Tour tracker like positioning on course graphics, then we can consider Watts per KG and HR, etc.


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