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  • david__g

    I like JPow a lot, but it was always awkward to see him lining up on the front row last year at big Euro races and then ending up 45th or something. I’m not sure what he’s missing, because I’d say he is arguably better than a lot of the people who finished ahead of him. Top 20 at a World Cup or Superprestige consistently shouldn’t be beyond him, really. Perhaps it’s time for him to come out of his comfort zone and spend an entire season in Europe? Suck it up and show us all what he can really do. The courses in Europe are so different that without some constant exposure to them, he won’t perhaps ever be truly competitive.

    • nathan ong

      he’s missing racing and living* in europe. This ‘lets fly between usa for , lets be honest, not-world-cup-level competition’ and then going to europe where the conditions are crappy , the weather is cold, and CX features more technical, really just doesn’t help Jpow. He’ll continue to dominate the USA scene, but with his goals being in EU , he needs to take that full leap. For whatever reason he doesn’t seem to wanna establish his camp in EU.

    • nikcee

      You guys know he has already lived over in europe racing cross? he did that in 2006 and spent some long hauls there in the late 2000s. he lived with trebon for a while on one of those stints.

      If you do a little digging you can find out why he has opted not to base himself there for a season… (and also why it often doesnt make sense for Us CX Pros to so).

      • david__g

        Yes, I do know this. He’s also a much much better rider than he was then and would probably see a benefit if he went over now.

        I’m sure he has reasons why he does not want to move to Europe for the season and no one can argue with them – they’re his reasons and that’s all that matters.

        The point I am making is that he is aiming, by his own admission, for better results against the world’s best and whichever way you look at it, his chances would very likely improve if he was racing against them week in/week out on their side of the pond.

        • George Hayduke

          he had a good result and CrossVegas last year, so presumably he’d be able to continue that without the jet lag and logistics of transatlantic flights in the middle.

  • jh

    since I started listening to podcasts a couple years ago, this is the first year I’m looking forward to following Cross. Jpow’s appearances on various podcasts were interesting. He seems like an intelligent and charismatic guy with a positive outlook. I will be routing for him this year and think we’ll see him closer to the podiums in Europe more often this year.

    • david__g

      You should definitely go back and watch the Behind the Barriers series. Season one is a bit meh but they got their stride for the rest and they prove a great insight into jpow’s life and the hard work he’s done to get where he is. Plus they’re usually really really funny.

    • I had the chance to meet him and chat for a little bit. As awesome in person as he comes across in interviews and on Behind the Barriers. Not one of those times when you are disappointed meeting your heroes.

  • Davobaddiel

    Got to race in Europe to win in Europe.

  • Owlaugen

    It’s commendable that Mr. Powers tried something different after obviously having success in the past with his previous regimens. I’ve gathered, and found out for myself, that strength training can be beneficial; but is most certainly a double edged sword in regards to anything other than basically sprinting.

  • dypeterc

    I think Jeremy wants to cultivate cx in America and help the next generation of racers, which you can see with him developing a team and bringing on young talent in the form of Ellen Noble. There was a surge back in the late 2000’s in cx when Powers, Johnson, Trevor, Page battled it out on the USGP series. Powers and Colt and Sam brought the media spotlight w BTB and Who’s #1. Powers is here to promote cx in the US the way Sven is doing with his cx school in Belgium. I commend him for what he’s done for the sport. Always a positive role model and forward thinker.


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