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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • AMK3072

    Retired or has no where else to go?

    • James_Casper

      You even read the article?

      Speaking on the day that he announced his retirement, he was surprisingly frank about how things had gone, his waning motivation and his decision to stop.

      • Dave

        I’ve seen kids produce better attempts at spin than that during In2Cricket clinics.

        • James_Casper

          See my other comment Dave.

          What’s your claim to fame? Coming from Adelaide?

          • Dave

            I actually agree with your main comments.

            It was a decent interview that stands up well without your weak attempts to spin it on his behalf.

      • AMK3072

        Yeah I read it.

        Sadly for Matt he just hasn’t been able to get it done in the past few years. Has steadily moved down the totem pole with regard to teams and nothing has changed. No results

        • Shane Stokes

          We asked One Pro Cycling last week what his plans were; they told us that if he wanted to continue, they would give him a contract.

          • AMK3072

            Interesting. Guess it wouldn’t have cost them much.

          • Stompin

            A cynic/realist would suggest the value of the contract might be the reason he’s made other arrangements. Goss was a very bright talent, but in recent years, his decline has been painful to watch. We forget how much cycling is a mental game.

    • Dave

      Potentially a standard case of CA junior program burnout.

      • James_Casper

        That’s assuming he wouldn’t have still fallen out of love of cycling.

        Lack of results lack of love of cycling.

        Check out Pauline Ferrand-Prevot.

        • Dave

          A more sustainable development program might have helped develop the whole person and build a longer-lasting love of the sport than the CA program where a rider is chucked out as a failure if they celebrate their 21st birthday without a minimum of one elite world championship.

          Even if he doesn’t have any love for the sport left, I hope he’d have just enough sympathy for other young cyclists coming through to at least share some of his experiences so the managers of today aren’t repeating the same mistakes they made when he was in his late teens.

          PFP and Marianne Vos certainly present very interesting case studies of poor management, but I’m not sure there’s really too much overlap with Matt Goss.

      • jules

        There’s a few examples of that isn’t there? Lots of promising talent gone missing in their best years, after smashing all-comers on the track.

        • Dave

          Oh yes.

          Melissa Hoskins retired at the end of the Rio Olympics, at the age of 25.

  • James_Casper

    And cue all the commentators on here who decide to (try to) once again, make witty, disparaging comments about Goss and his career.

    For those keyboard warriors I’m happy to stack Goss’ palmares up against theirs.

  • James_Casper

    Nice interview CT.

    I haven’t read a lot of Interviews with Goss, but I thought he explained himself well. Very articulate.

    • Shane Stokes

      Thanks James, was surprised just how frank he was. Was expecting him to be more guarded, so it was refreshing that he answered every question in depth.

  • Turbo

    Well done mate. Chapeau.

  • Mark Blackwell

    It’s sort of comi-tragic how the “Related Posts” (which is probably automated), brings up four previous stories about Matt Goss, including:
    1. “Retiring wasn’t an option: What the move to MTN means to MG”
    2. “How MTN with revitalise MG”
    3. “MG confirms with One Pro, begins new start”

    Another reminder that great riders are people too, with all that implies.

  • Andy B

    Its hard to put yourself in the hurt box if you’re not loving it, the motivation to train as hard as necessary would be lacking too
    I can see how it would happen..All the best with the future gossy :)

  • Sean

    Well done gossy!

  • Robert Merkel

    Best of luck to Matt, whatever the next step is.

    Still a palmares most professional cyclists would be happy to retire with!

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  • De Mac

    Wish him all the best – perhaps too much too soon, but no-one can dismiss the talent that he has, or the results he’s achieved.

  • velocite

    From this armchair Goss was always a question mark: how could a guy with so much demonstrated talent be so ordinary? What was going on? The answer turns out to be just a human story. Excellent interview, thanks for it. And maybe Dave has a point (just maybe!): is there room to learn something about how not to push and promote young talent from Matt’s trajectory?

    • James

      Cam Meyer seems to be another case of burnout having achieved so much particularly on the track at such a young age.

      • velocite

        Good point. I confess having felt some contempt for Matt for not doing better, which of course does not reflect well on me. This story was the antidote. Same for Cam, now I think of it.

        • We’ve been trying to get in touch with Cam Meyer since he returned to Australia but he doesn’t seem keen to tell his story just yet. Hopefully he will at some point.

  • Rob

    Well done Gossy. You made it further than anyone reading this page.
    Come to Brissie and I’ll happily go for a roll with you. Best of luck for the next stage of your life!

    • Sean

      Yeah collectively we’re not even on the same planet. :-)

    • Marcus J

      Well done to Matt Goss on your time at the top and wonderful highlights. Also, good to see his balanced and honest way of looking at things. It’s never easy to decide time is up and many struggle to do so, but he seems to be finishing with a healthy perspective. Excellent interview.

  • ridein

    So many cyclists retiring this year, I’m sure some of them had this in mind after the Olympics.

  • Ajh

    Lots of speculation regarding the reasons for his retirement but the end result is the same: Goss will not be a professional cyclist in 2017. Why don’t the cynics amongst us (including myself at times) have the day off and reflect on his palmares and wish him well on the often difficult transition from professional athlete to a ‘normal’ everyday person, whatever that looks like!

  • Brendan Edwards

    Really enjoyed reading this piece. Riding in an era which saw some of the best sprinters in the world compete such as Cavendish, GreipelI & Kittel would not have been easy. Good luck in retirement, and hopefully you can re-ignite your love for the bike again soon.

  • Cameron Harris

    I don’t know why a Matt Goss story never fails to bring out the judge/jury/executioner comments in the CT audience.

    I expect better of us.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017