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Photo gallery: Highlights from the 2016 Three Peaks Cyclocross race

Photos and words by Jack Chevell

  • Neil_Robinson

    oof, those conditions would have made a tough day even tougher.

    • David Everett

      That’s the last dregs of summer! I can vouch for that.

  • Adrian

    Sometimes you just gotta admire the Brits. In 1961 this would have been for eccentric nutters (100 mile time trials anyone?). Over 50 years later with gravel grinding and adventure riding taking off, you’ve got a classic.

  • Wily_Quixote

    oh no, another classification for cycling…. cxduro

    • Wily_Quixote

      despite my levity that is seriously f’n’ hardcore…. those hills….

      • Headset Press

        I was going to say, you know it’s 55 years old, right? This is part of CX history and ouch does it look painful!

        • Wily_Quixote

          It’s CX Jim, but not as we know it.

          It’s a long way from Hoegaarden and frites. More like a long xc race mixed with orienteering. I had no idea CX was this hardcore. I thought it was flaffing around a few muddy laps on a footy field.

          • Headset Press

            Haha, well that is what it has become for some. Both great though.

  • Andy Whitworth

    It was my 24th event and yes, it was a tough year ! I posted a pw. by about 40 minutes.

  • Roberj4

    Special mention must go to Nick Craig who came in third and still has what it takes…

  • lowlander


  • Mike

    Still, at least the weather was kind this year …..

  • Allez Rouleur

    This looks like a truly horrible race to ride, oh man. And wow…I wouldn’t want to ride this on a modern bike, much less a 1961 “cutting edge” machine!

  • Pete23

    Wow, this looks like so much fun. Always wanted to do the 3-peaks hike, but now this is a must!

  • exemplary1

    Spectacular, fantastic images.

  • Ashok Captain

    How absolutely, brilliantly British! Thanks CT for reporting this. And super photographs. A salute to the riders and volunteers. Noticed some foam-taped top tubes . . . ; D


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