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Kasia Niewiadoma
  • zosim

    Yorkshite eh? Assuming you mean Yorkshire, it’s a county not a city. You may just not like Yorkshire much and the typo wasn’t a typo.

    • winkybiker

      Anyway, Yorkshire’s not in Europe anymore, is it?

      • zosim

        No. Still in Europe.

        • winkybiker

          Technically perhaps, but not “Spiritually”! The collective insanity of the UK populace has seen to that.

          • Dave

            When England were thrown out of Europe (in the context of soccer, i.e. Euro 2016) against their will a few weeks after the Brexit referendum, it was ironically at the hands of a nation which is not a member of the EU and actively decided against it a couple of years ago!

            The other member federations of the UEC would be quite happy with the UK leaving the European Cycling Union as well as the European Union, as it would be advantageous for them with respect to the Olympic qualification system next time around.

            • winkybiker

              I wonder what sort of visa/work permit UK professional cyclists will need to race in Europe after Brexit.

              • Dave

                A state-level cricketer mate of mine who spent one winter in England playing club cricket said that it’s really easy to get UK citizenship if they know you’re sporty, they were practically begging him to take it!

                At least one Australian cyclist has obtained UK dual citizenship (which sounds like treason to me) to make life easier in Europe.

                Things should be fine for the majority of current British pro cyclists if the UK ever gets a PM who will actually pull the trigger, because they mostly live outside the UK (the greatest grand tour rider from Britain has never lived in Britain) and should be able to easily get residency in the various places they’ve been living for a while. The only impact then will be at airports (and Eurotunnel if it doesn’t get bricked up) where they will have to use the slow lane.


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